The Sky Is Falling



I actually hesitated quite a bit when it came time to write this post. It isn’t that I didn’t want to write about it, per se, but there is a part of me which doesn’t want to make another blog about something not going perfectly right. Truth is, that’s how life is though. We go through good patches and bad. We gain experience. We learn. We don’t make the same mistakes twice. And, in the process of the most recent mishap, I learned a lot about both Master, and me.

Master and me have been doing kinky things for a long time. In that time we’ve grown from people who knew little about certain types of play, to the people who sort of like to push boundaries with “safety guidelines” and truth be told, sometimes that leads to mistakes. I do not remember who I heard say this, but I remember someone telling me “If nothing ever goes wrong, you’re not playing hard enough.” I think that’s especially true for Master and me, who not only seem to get off on our dynamic, but also the thrill of some riskier types of play. We’ve had little mishaps before: the time I chipped a tooth, the time I got scalded during wax play and had a burn that lasted days, the many times I’ve fainted, but this one probably takes the cake.

Before we moved to the apartment we live in now, we had a bondage rig up. A friend of ours who is very good with wood explained to us how to put it up. We had it up for months, did all sorts of crazy shit with it, and it never, never budged. Recently, Master put it back up in our new apartment. We were both really excited about it and I especially was excited. Fucking in a sex swing is just so much better than fucking on the floor. For me, the bar you grasp while fucking allows me to position myself a lot better, and to be able to move much more than I can on the floor. Plus, you get super amazing clit stimulation, if you’re into that sort of thing.

We got the rig up, and we even managed to use it once or twice for a bit of play. We had not had any sex in it yet. The rig wasn’t moving in the slightest, and we were totally relaxed and at ease with it. Well, last week we decided we were going to have sex with the sex swing. We did some play, then I got in the swing. Master got me completely hooked in (a locking cuff here, some chain there..), and right as Master was easing his swollen cock into my cunt – I noticed something was very wrong. I screamed, and I felt myself falling all (three) feet to the floor. Thank goodness I wasn’t inverted.

I was blindfolded, and I couldn’t see anything, which made everything even more frightening. I sat in the chair waiting for instructions from Master, but they didn’t come. I raised my head and asked if he was there. He told me he was terrified I had hit my head and he shouldn’t move me, and was so glad I was talking. My endorphins were reeling. I was never more turned on. Sad but true, even in this kind of situation, fear turns me on.

Master helped me get out of my blindfold and took my locking cuffs off. I wasn’t wearing any contacts, so I couldn’t see him very clearly anyway. I asked if we could move to the futon and keep going. Master said that his erection went completely away when I hit the ground because he was terrified that maybe I was seriously injured (luckily, I wasn’t). He did, however, give me Alistair, and let me finish myself off. I think it took me six seconds.

As soon as I finished off, I put my glasses on and started to wash up. That is when I noticed Master checking out his wrist. I asked him what was wrong.  Apparently, he felt the rig giving way, and told me from where he was looking it was going to fall on me. Without really thinking, he decided to put his hand out to stop the beams from falling directly on me. The rig went one way, I went the other, and Master’s wrist was caught in the middle. I put on my “Massage Therapist” thinking cap, and started feeling around his hand, gently. His wrist was definitely swollen and turning a little blue (from a bruise). I was inspecting around his thumb, and he yelped out loud under the slightest touch. That rig was really heavy, and I was terrified that maybe he had a small fracture. It was obvious to me he had at least sprained or strained something (too much swelling for that not to be the case), we put our clothes on and drove down to the Urgent Care to get it xrayed.

On the way to Urgent Care, my endorphins were coming down quite a bit, and I noticed that my head really hurt and my left wrist was tingling and slightly re-injured. Bummer.  I knew I didn’t need to see a doctor, I just needed to put my wrist brace on when I got home. Master made me put ice on the back of my head.  I was OK though.

As a silly side note, when we got into the Urgent Care, the woman at the desk looked right at me and said: “What did you do, Faete?” I laughed out loud, and said “Psyche! It’s not me, it’s my husband!” Ha. On the way there, Master was betting me that they were gonna think it was me. >.>

So, Master’s xray came back clear, and as I type this now, he’s still in a splint. He hurt his right hand, so typing has been a challenge, but he is getting by. I’m helping him as much as I can and he allows. We are both so thankful he didn’t hurt a bone, and it was “just” a soft tissue injury. I am still absolutely beyond amazed that he put his own self in harm’s way in order to make sure I didn’t get severely injured. I know he loves me, but it’s times like this when he did something at cost to his own self without thinking or hesitation that it becomes obvious just how much.

We’re still not even sure what went wrong. Was the beam rotted? Do we have a bum stud finder? Needless to say – we’re going to chaulk this one up as an “unknown” and just not put the rig back up in this apartment. Sad times. We’re moving next year though, so maybe better luck then?

I definitely don’t want this to happen again (because I don’t want either of us to have injuries for any reason), but I must admit – whenever I’ve masturbated since this incident, I keep having flash backs to that night. There are some types of fear that you can create on your own, but there is nothing as frightening as something that actually goes wrong in the dungeon.

I am so, so sorry that Master got hurt, but I’m really glad that, overall, we’re both really OK. Sometimes, even if you do everything 100% right, mishaps happen. They happen in life, they happen at work, and they happen in the dungeon. At first I was really ashamed of this whole incident, but it is just another learning notch on our belt of knowledge. Thank goodness for experiences and the ability to learn from them.

8 thoughts on “The Sky Is Falling

  1. I’m glad to hear you both came out with minor injuries from this. Sorry to hear about your rig though. Good luck putting it up in your new place though in a year.

  2. So pleased that you both ‘shaken but not stirred’ – it could easily have been a whole lot worse. I am not at all surprised though that the automatic reaction of your Master was to save and protect you.

    1. @Spike I am not really surprised either. I mean, he does tell me these things all the time, and I trust him completely – but it is times like this, when push comes to shove, that is when truth behind his words really show. I am just glad he’s a lot better now, and his wrist isn’t hurting too much.

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