Thanksgiving Was

Just what we needed. <3


As I’ve mentioned before, Master is working too, too much lately, but it’s only temporary and we’re both trying to be as positive about it as possible. Still, having not had a full day off in over a month, two days off together was just the thing. You have no idea. We both slept in pretty late, (for us, anyway, we were awake around 8AM or so) and we snuggled in bed for about an hour. Kissing, snuggling, playing with plushies, all that good stuff. Then we decided who we were going to bring out to the front room. After all, Thanksgiving is a holiday, so I get to bring out more than Zeebee and Apple Pig, but Rosie still had ta stay in bed. She’s forbidden from leaving it.


As you can see, Tiberius was welcomes out in the front room that day, and he spent some time snuggling in front of the fireplace. Look how cute he was! In fact, Serenade thought she’d copy him, and Master and me were both shocked at how big she is in comparison to him. I mean, she’s smaller, yes – and she’s spaced a bit closer to the camera in this, but I think you can still tell she’s getting huge!

Thanksgiving was really nice all around. I was feeling a little under the weather thanks to mother nature, but I did my best to try to perk up. Mostly, I just had no energy, since I almost never do during girl time. Bleh. Still, I got dressed, and started doing a bit of cooking. There’s a lot of time I’m just plain not allowed to be in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. Master loves to cook the Thanksgiving meal, but he did let me help out a lot more than usual this year. I made breakfast, I helped him chop this and that, and I peeled a buncha potatoes. Master said I was his Sous-Chef, and I was only too excited to be! Yay! I wasn’t completely banished from the kitchen.

The night before I had made a pie. I actually was really worried because I’d only made this pie once before, but I had used the wrong kind of tofu and it sucked. I knew what silken tofu was this time around though, and I decided to give the pie a second shot since the recipe had so many awesome reviews online. I was all impressed with myself. (Not that I am at all good at cooking with a recipe, but I was just so proud that I made pie and it came out tasty. Woo!) It even looks like a pumpkin pie, see?DSCF1653

Dinner itself came out really nice, and as usual I filled up mainly on stuffing. Nom nom nom. Stuffing is one of those recipes that Master won’t give me, but you know, I’ve given up trying to get it from him. =^.~= I was just excited to have some. After dinner, we relaxed and played some video games, and then we continued on with Thanksgiving part 2:



See, Thanksgiving itself isn’t a huge deal to Master and me. We usually just use it as a day to eat special treats and decorate the house for x-mas. Yep. the decorations and tree went up!


I even helped to decorate the stripper pole! Woo! Admittedly, I was standing for the first half or so of the pole decorating (sort of like decorating a May Pole), but then I got down on my hands and knees for the last bit. Sure it might have been easier to kneel, but it was more fun this way.


Then we decorated the tree. We always use a fake tree, so Master set it up for us first. =^^= Then he put the lights on, and then I helped add the little baubles and ornaments. Not that I put them all on, Master has a couple special ones that he likes to put on himself. I don’t blame him. <3 Each year we buy a new ornament for the tree, and this year Master wants to buy a topper. He’s really picky though, and he has an idea in his mind of what he wants to get, so I’m not sure if we’ll find it or not, but I’m happy to help him try! We’ll see if we find one by Xmas, anyway.DSCF1658

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that the Hog Father soon would be there. (Don’t ask, it’s an Apple Pig thing.) Master’s stocking is the penguin one, and mine is the kitty one with the paw pocket! <3


After we decorated everything, Master put on Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire for us to watch while I wrote my traditional letter to Santa. I started writing a bunch of things that I wanted on it, and realize it was getting too long when I easily had twelve things written on it. Whoops! I guess there’s a lot of stuff I want this year. I ended my letter and Master read it, he kept telling me all the things he was surprised I hadn’t put on it. I told him I didn’t want to be too greedy, and he put the letter in my stocking for the elves to come and take. (Apparently, you have to give them one month minimum to get your letter, or there’s not enough time to make the stuff you want. I guess, you can sometimes get them to come back to pick up a late letter, but you have to leave a country-fried steak out for the elves or they won’t bother. Oh well. The important thing is I made it in time!) Wouldn’t you know it, but the next day, the letter was gone! Woo! I had gotten it in on time. <3

Master and me spent a lot of time together having fun and just enjoying each other’s company. It was really great to be able to have a day off with him. ::Purr:: He also had the next day off, so we were able to go to a friend’s house. We really aren’t getting out a whole heck of a lot, with all the work he has had to do. Master’s next scheduled day off is December 15th, so we can go out the night before at midnight and watch The Hobbit! We are so so so excited! Only a couple more weeks. <3

10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Was

  1. I’m so happy for you that you got to spend some (from the sounds of it) much needed time with your Sir. People always take for granted the little things they always have in their life, your time together this weekend, and forget that every single moment is special in itself and a memory in the making. It’s wonderful to hear that you both made such great use of it, and hopefully found time to play (a lot!) too! As Master and I rarely get to spend time together, I feel for you both. I’m hoping our upcoming time together is as enjoyable as yours was. <3

    1. Aww, thanks @owned_by_Master. We definitely got in lots of fun play. I am just so grateful we got that time together, and I look (greedily) ahead to the future when Master isn’t working quite so much. πŸ™‚ I hope you and your Master enjoy your time together lots!

  2. Such a lovely picture of you two!!! Made me smile too! πŸ˜€
    So glad you both had a wonderful holiday together.
    Love the decorations!
    Chicken fried steak huh? I’ll have to try that one! LOL!

    Happy Holidays!!!!

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