Lunch For Two

During our time off together, Master and me got to enjoy some time together for some creative play. I love when I’m not expecting something at all, and then it winds up super wonderful awesome, don’t you? He had told me to take off my socks and shirt. I asked him if he wanted me to take off, or change my bra. He asked me if it was a spandex sports bra. I told him it was.

“Leave it then.” (Don’t forget, Master has a spandex kink). I had felt kind of dirty about it though, because unfortunately, it was my time of the month, so I didn’t feel sexy, and I had to keep my panties on too, which also made me feel unsexy. Still, I was eager to play with Master, so I did as he asked, and sat in the middle of a liberator throe he had set out for us.

He told me he wanted to practice some rope ties. He said he was trying to find ways to do more ties that might not put as much strain on my joints. (He doesn’t want me to sublux or sprain, or even dislocate while we play. Makes sense to me.) The first tie we did was a modified hogtie. He used some new hemp rope we had, and he wound it around the spreader bar to give me a place to grasp with my arms behind me. I really did like the tie. He asked me how I felt about it, and I told him that I liked it, but it was too loose.

“What do you mean?” He asked me.

“I mean.. Look!” And I wiggled around on the floor, a bit clunky-like, and rolled from my front to my back and back to my front and I laughed. I felt like some kind of kitty “ball”, not that that was the shape I was in, per se.

“Yeah,” he tells me “But, can you get out of it?”

“Get out of it? Why would I want to do that? Oh.. Hmm.. Let me see..”

At that point, I was sort of laying upright (not very upright though), and my hands could reach my leather wrist cuffs, and I didn’t undo them, but just mimicked that if I really wanted, I could escape.

“Oh, that’s no problem.” Says Master, “I’ll just put padlocks on the grocery shopping list.”

Cute isn’t he? <3

* * * *

“Kitty hungwy, Master!” We had been playing like that for a long time, enjoying the rope and its scratchiness, enjoying each other’s company even more.

“Oh, is she?” He asked me. He started to undo my ties.. Partially. He unhooked my hands from the bar, and he took off my wrist cuffs, (I think. Was I still wearing them? Who knows.. It is a little fuzzy.) By this point, he had put on my pony bridle, which does not have a gag attached, it is just a head trainer, with blinders on it. I like it, though I admit I find it to be a bit humiliating to wear (which makes it even more alluring to me, really). He re-bound my arms in such a way that they were right by my sides, but with the elbows not so close together (less like a hog tie style). They were bound tightly, and I could not move them. My hands were still free though… For the moment.

“Where is that vet wrap we just bought?” He asked me.

“On the tea table.”

He got up and got the vet wrap, and came back. He told me to ball my hands into fists, and he wrapped them very, very tightly. I couldn’t budge them at all. Then he helped me to sit up a little bit more by putting a bunch of blankets and a pillow or two behind me.

“Don’t go anywhere,” he mocked.

I chuckled.

I could hear him doing a couple things in the kitchen, and I sort of knew what was coming next, not that I was unhappy about it. It had been a while since we did anything like that.

He came back, and fed me spoonfuls at a time of leftover stuffing. I gobbled it down (I love stuffing).

“I like feeding you.” He told me.

He finished feeding me, and made me drink a lot of water too. Then, he untied my arms so they weren’t together anymore, and he took the blankets and pillows out from behind me, and had me lay down on my back. He went into the kitchen, and got a hot plate, and tossed it roughly onto my tummy. I jumped a little in surprise, it wasn’t hot enough to burn me. He went back to the kitchen, and brought back bread, turkey, and a bowl of gravy. He told me I had to lay very still, and if I spilled the gravy it would be my own fault. He put the gravy bowl right on top of my pubic bone, and I tried to be very still. The biggest problem with being still when I think I might spill something wet and messy is that usually that is when I get a fit of the giggles. No other time, of course.

“Ack! Things that aren’t funny! Your Mom! Your Mom naked! Your Mom naked kissing MY Mom naked!”

Of course, that made Master laugh, but I had a gross enough image in my mind that I didn’t laugh anymore. Ah, the shit we must do sometimes to sit still.

I felt Master picking up his sandwich, putting it back down, and when he was finished, he put the plate to one side, the gravy to another and untied me. He walked away, told me I could use the bathroom, and when I came back I had to clean up the mess. Not that I minded.

“We should do this more often,” Master told me.

“We definitely should.”


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