Bare Fists

Master came home from work, and we ate dinner. We almost always eat dinner before we play. You need energy for our kind of sex. =^.~= He handed me my new bat cock, and told me he wanted to break it in and I’d better go wash it. Okie doke! I washed it and came back, naked of course. He told me to get on the futon, and I did. He crawled in next to me and told me to come closer. He scooped me up in his arms and restrained my legs with his legs. I could tell from how he was holding me that I wasn’t to move. He took one fist and slammed it into the bicep which was closest to him. One hit right after the other came down and made me purr and blush with pleasure.

He rolled me on my other side and I felt his punch the side of my ribs, then I felt him using his knuckles to rub me there deeply. It was harder to sit still for that, but if my smile didn’t betray me – my hard nipples and gushing cunt did. I was loving every second of it. He punched my other bicep enough to leave a bruise. He turned me this way and that – he punched my inner thighs, he punched my outer thighs. He punched my ass.

With each punch, I wriggled (unconsciously at first) closer to him. It’s an unwritten signal to him that I love what he’s doing. I find myself trying to get closer and closer to my “attacker”. It’s almost like saying “More please!” “Harder please!” Without actually saying it. Master grinned as he saw me doing it, and that’s when I realized I was even doing it. Whoops. Sometimes the pleasure takes me away.

He worked me over with the bat cock a bit, in the #4 position. My cunt was so wet and ready, and all I wanted was his cock inside me. Just as I thought I might not be able to take any more without cumming, Master pulled out the toy and told me he thought my cunt was nice and ready for him, and I’d better get to sucking his cock. I kneeled next to him, and I enjoyed his moans as I took his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked it this way and that. Eventually, he made me stop so he could fuck me.

It has been a while since we did something with no “gear”. Yes, we used a dildo to help me to be ready for Master’s cock – but he didn’t restrain me with any actual gear, or beat me with any implements. I love the feel of his bare fists so much. Not that I don’t love all the bits and bobs we use, they are wonderful. It is so nice, every now and then to be able to connect through flesh alone though. It is nice to be simply told to hold a position, and to be able to prove to Master that I can and will happily hold that position, regardless of what is holding me down or not holding me down. ::Purr:: I am a lucky kitty.

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