It’s A Girl!

The other day, Master told me he had a huge surprise for me. He got me all worked up and teased me for hours, but never really told me exactly what it was. I kept telling him (as per usual) that I couldn’t WAIT for him to get home. “I bet.” He kept teasing me.

He came home, and told me to kneel on the floor and do “pretty kitty pose.” He told me to close my eyes and NO peeking. I closed my eyes, and for some reason, I panicked a bit. I was nervous it was something scary, though I don’t know why. He told me to put my palm flat, “Like you’re feeding a pony.” I did.

“What is it what is it whatisit?!”

“Wait, Kitty!”

He put something in my hands. I could not tell what it was with my palms flat. A few seconds later, I heard whatever was in my hands talk.

“Droid.” It said.

“Whatisit?!” I asked again. (I’m not all too tech savvy).

“Open your eyes.”

I did.

“It’s a phone thingie!”

And it was! Master proceeded to show me all the things my new phone thingie could do: Tiny Tower, Email, Twitter, Tumblr, and Etsy, just for starters (though, those were the only things I really cared about). Well, I thought anyway. Unlike my old iTouch (which I sadly dropped into a bucket of water a few months ago, and have been lost without) it could take pictures! Pictures! That is the only thing I wished I could do before. It’s fun to tweet pictures, but I hated always having to snap a photo, go to my computer, unload photo, upload photo, etc. So that was one major upgrade for me!

I didn’t have any time to play around with it right then, because I had to go to physical therapy, but I got to play with it later! =^^= I haven’t picked a name for her yet, but Master caught me referring to her as a “her” last night, and his eyes opened wide, and he teasingly said: “Her? What’s her name?” Hmm, I don’t know yet. I’m going to take some time picking out her name, too, because the name I had for my last one was perfect, I think, and I don’t want to pick just any old name.

I’ve finally found the Droid I was looking for.

6 thoughts on “It’s A Girl!

  1. its a funny argument arround here, I the Wolf and the Foxboy roomie all have I phnes, and Spectra has her droid, as does cal.

    Spectra keeps on about all the things her droid can do that the Iphone cant, well due to killing my Iphone 3gs erlier this year and replaceing it with a 4s im locked into iphone for another year and a half

    1. @fyremane Oh, I don’t really care what brand it is, truthfully. I enjoyed my iTouch, and I was saving up for another of the same model. Really, I only care that it can do the few tasks that I really want (Twitter, Tumblr, Tiny Tower, etc). If it was a weird knock off “I” device, etc, I wouldn’t care. I actually don’t know a lot about Droids, except that I have one. lol. I will say though, it is a nice little device for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

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