That is seriously just like Biggle Piggle. Of course I fold the laundry, and then of course she has to go and snuggle in it. Kitty pigs. Psssh.

Things have been going better here. Or at least, I’m adapting to them better. I’m not really much for astrology, but I admit I am very much like my birth sign: stubborn. (I’m a Taurus). I really do like things to be the same, and when I go through any kind of major upheaval, it is terrible because I don’t adapt well to it. Master working so much was absolutely awful at first, but I am slowly adapting to it. In fact, I am becoming a lot more productive and I’m finding new ways to distract myself and make sure I keep busy while Master is away working late.

At first, it was obviously hard to be alone so much. Now, it still sucks, and I still want more time with Master, but I’m not letting myself mope as often. I ask myself “If Master were home, what would he want me to do?” And I do it. I have a whole slew of tasks I need to do before I get to chores, but when I get to chores there is always something to do. I mean, even if everything was where it was supposed to go, and even if all the laundry and dishes were done, there’s always something, isn’t there?

Even if “normal” chores are done, I could still dust, or scrub the floors, or Windex the windows. There’s just no excuse for moping. Not anymore anyway. My adjustment period is done, I think. Master doesn’t like working late either, so really my being in a better position mentally is helping him too, I think.

Aside from Master working so many hours, we have been able to at least get some time in to be together, which has been nice. We’ve enjoyed play, and ropes, and sex. We’ve even been able to go out on walks, like we used to, back in the day. It has been really nice, and we’ve both been enjoying the fresh air. We had plans to go out on a real hike (on local trails), but unfortunately, Master got called in to work, so we had to cancel. We’re still looking forward to hiking again soon!

Tonight, Master says he has something special planned for me. I’m unsure if we will share it on here or not, but I am very much looking forward to it. I hope everyone is doing well!

Mew mew!


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