XMas Cheer Is Here!



I swear I tried taking that picture several times, but it always came out blurry. Ugh. Oh well, you get the idea! =^^=

X-mas cheer is in full swing here as presents slowly begin to make their way under the tree. I haven’t yet been given my allowance to buy X-mas pressies with, but I will this Friday, and then I will be buying Master as many things as I can! (I like to spoil him). The stuff that’s under the tree now are either for other people, or some things I had scrimped and saved for to buy Master mid-year and saved until now. I’m just crafty like that. OH! And the present in front with the tiny reindeer and the white mousie on it is for me. <3 Thank you, Master. (Though, we’ll see what it is in a few weeks!)

I am starting to really get excited for X-mas. There are literally, so many things happening this year that I am just trying not to think too far ahead of myself. One event at a time, and right now, that event is X-mas. <3

Master and me do have a tradition of choosing one ornament for the tree each year. Last year we got that cute mushroom you see near the top third of the tree. This year Master wanted to get a topper for the tree (as we’re using a flower hair scrunchie!), and every time we’re in a store that carries tree stuff he stops, looks around, and doesn’t see what he wants.. Yet. I mean, Master is a very picky guy (something I love about him), and he does not want a star or an angel. He can’t quite articulate what he does want, but he says when he finds it he will know it.

While we were in a local store recently, Master began to feel frustrated at the lack of neat things to put atop a tree. He decided that maybe the item he was going to get this year would just be an ornament, and the topper would come when it came. We looked around a bit, and were about to settle on a Darth Vader ornament when he saw this:


It made my face light up, because, I mean – it’s a pretty obvious compliment. Master smiled and said he wanted to get this one. I felt bad:

“What about your Darth Vader ornament?”

“This is the one that makes my kitty’s face light up. So, this is the one I want.”

D’awwww. <3 He is such a sap and I am loving every minute of it. <3

Mew mew mew,



7 thoughts on “XMas Cheer Is Here!

    1. @Elle Oh, me too (obviously) lol. I love giving presents year round. I’ll be in the store and think “OMG _______ NEEDS that!” and just pick _____ up whatever it is. I don’t care if I get presents in return. I just like making people smile. ๐Ÿ˜€

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