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Do you see this gorgeous rope I’ve got pictured? Lovely isn’t it? It’s a gorgeous camel color, and it was sent to me courtesy of Lovehoney for my unbiased review. I had never ordered anything from Lovehoney before, so I was definitely looking forward to my first order. I am happy to say that my first package arrived in a discreet brown box with no indication as to what was inside, so luckily you won’t have to worry about what the neighbors might think.

Opening up my package, my new Hemp Rope was packed in no more than a simple plastic bag. This made me happy because it didn’t have a ton of excess waste. The plastic bag kept my new rope nice and clean on its journey overseas, and I just tossed it out when it got here. In my photo, you can see the rope exactly as it arrived. It was wrapped up neatly, and came with whipped ends so that you don’t need to worry about your ends coming undone.

The rope is a generous ten meters in length, so you definitely have enough for a beginner to work with, and seasoned rope enthusiasts will enjoy adding this to their toy box as well. While the length can be good if you’re doing simple body harnesses or intricate arm or leg work, if you find that you would like shorter pieces, you will definitely need to finish them or else your rope may unravel. I recommend using a simple piece of electric tape around the ends. They won’t last forever, but that is the simplest and least expensive way to prevent your ropes from fraying.

Master and me have played with our rope several times, and of course it is showing no signs of wear. This is really good hemp rope, and we both love it. One of my personal favorite things about hemp rope in general is that it has a very scratchy texture to it. This is not the soft, nylon or silk rope you might get other places. The texture is definitely geared more towards those of us who enjoy things a bit more on the rough side! If left in strict bondage with this rope for a while, you’re likely to have pink or red marks on your skin (depending on how fragile/fair you skin is), although it would take a pretty extreme circumstance for it to actually cut you. The sorts of marks I generally get from this rope tend to be gone by morning, or the next day – but keep in mind that I have very fair skin.

Some of the types of ties we have done included looser styles of bondage, where I could move a bit, but could not get out of the tie. We’ve also done strict hog ties with this rope, and I really enjoyed it! The rope feels nice and scratch on my skin, which is something I love, and it is not easy to slip out of.

Master and me enjoy this rope very much, and we’re going to give it 5 paws:

Thank you so much, Lovehoney, for allowing us a chance to try out this rope in exchange for an honest and fair review!

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