Master Vs. The Sick Day

Master hasn’t had a migraine in a long time, but with how much work he’s been doing, it’s no wonder he came home feeling sick. Poor Master. I, being the good kitty girl that I am, did my best to help him feel better. My “secret” cure of one Tylenol, one ibuprofen, and one aspirin washed down with a caffeinated drink did the trick. (It’s kind of like, ghetto Excedrine, since we were out of it.) Anyway, while it definitely helped, Master’s headache would sort of come and go for the rest of the night, so the next day, he decided to call in, to make sure that the headache was gone for good. (Migraines take so much out of you. In fact, Master’s boss noticed he looked awful and tried to send him home to rest!)

We woke up late, though Master was still up earlier than me, sitting in the front room, and looking not too well. I gave him the “secret cure” again, and this time it worked much better than the night before (though, if you’re taking pain medicine it is always better to take it at the start of pain, rather than once the pain gets really bad), and he perked up really well. Once he was perked up, we ran out real quick to the post office, to mail some packages for the Mewtique. While we were out, we also picked up a toy that was waiting for us down at the front desk, and Master stopped because he wanted to buy me some tortilla chips and salsa, and some miso soup. I felt guilty because he didn’t buy anything for himself, but he told me that he wanted to get me a treat for taking such good care of him. He really is so sweet sometimes.

We went home, and spent a lot of the day lounging and relaxing. Master’s headache didn’t come back, and we decided we were going to have breakfast for dinner. We were out of vegetarian sausage though, so Master decided we were going to run down to the store again to pick some up. Once we got home we had home made hash browns and the sausage. Master also had a fried egg.

We did our workouts, and Master’s headache started to come back so I gave him a bit more medicine. Seeing as how Master was not feeling well, we decided we were going to settle in and play some co-op X-box for the next four hours until bed time. No joke. It had been a while since we had a nice long gaming session, so I popped into the shower to wash up early so that we wouldn’t have to break up our gaming session. Of course, while I was in there, Master decided he wanted to play some Mass Effect and that’s when he discovered that (suddenly) the X-box wasn’t playing any disks. SERIOUSLY?! We finally have a chance to sit down and play together, and it won’t read disks? What kills us is, that the stupid thing wasn’t doing this before. It just suddenly wouldn’t work.

The last time this happened, Master opened the X-box up himself and dusted it, and that hadn’t worked so we had to get it repaired. Repairing it would have cost $60, and so Master went online to see if there were any good holiday deals. He found a deal where we could get a new X-box with a 250 GB hard drive for $99, and since the X-box would be new, we opted to go with that. We ran down to the store to buy it, and, no joke, it took one hour for the lovely people behind the counter to figure out how to check us out. They even at one point tried to convince us it was a bad idea, and that we should spend $250 on the same system instead. Uh, what?! Besides, the next gen console comes out next year, and to be honest, we’re planning on buying that soon after it comes out, so we didn’t want to blow a ton of money on a new console now.

kitty with xbox

Master made it my job to carry the xbox around the store, in part because I think he thinks I look cute carrying huge packages (he would smile whenever he looked at me struggling with the thing, which in turn made me smile, and made me try even harder to carry it without looking too pathetic. An hour after entering the store, we finally exited the store, and ran home to start the transfer of the hard drives, and then bring our old X-box to the local gaming store to turn it in for cash. At least that way the old X-box wasn’t just a hunk of un-usable junk.

So, after much rushing around, we got the new X-box set up, we turned in the old ‘box, and we were just about ready to settle into bed (because at that point, it was well past 11PM), when we noticed the cats decided to use our bed as their litter box. I have NO CLUE what we could have done to piss them off, but yes.. That would be the end to that day.

Thankfully, as I type this now, Master’s headache is better, the X-box is set up, and fuck, I even managed to get a gold account for a year. Kind of awesome, huh? =^^= I tell ya. Master doesn’t get days off. They just never work out that way. Tonight though, we’re going to the premiere of The Hobbit, and we are super excited! Woot! Bring it on, Middle Earth!

8 thoughts on “Master Vs. The Sick Day

  1. I’m actually going to see the hobbit too this morning since I have off. One tip I can give you since I don’t use excedrinnn anymore if you get goodies powder extra strength it’s the samething and faster acting since u dissolve in water and drink. I always keep some at home and work but it does taste very bad lol

  2. I am also going to see The Hobbit except I am going to see it with my gay friend instead of my Master. Because Master doesn’t want to see it ๐Ÿ™ But it is okay because Master is seeing Rise of the Guardian next weekend with me and my friends ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe The Hobbit does not come out here until Boxing Day! I hope your Master feels better!

    1. @Nikki We got it at Best Buy. I think it is still going on. In order to get the deal, you have to sign up for two years of xbox live, though you only pay the live money each month, not up front. Check out Best Buy. Com for more infos. =^^= We usually do pay for gold so for us it was worth it.

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