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The other day, I woke up and began chugging tea like no tomorrow in preparation for our trip to the local theater to see The Hobbit! As many of you know, Master considers our home to be his “Shire”, so I guess you can tell that we’re huge Tolkein fans. It was hard waiting for Master to come home, but once he was here, I was a lot happier (As always). Master decided he wanted to go out for dinner, so he took us to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. After that, we went home to play War In The North while we waited for it to be time to leave. Though, seeing as how we’re both impatient when something like this is going on, we opted to go down early and we bought snacks and pizza and stuff. Before we went into the theater itself, Master decided he wanted to take a couple of pictures of me in the area. The whole thing was gorgeously decorated, and even had a skating rink. A SKATING RINK!!

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See that picture up there at the top? Master was going to take a picture of just me, but luckily a couple wanted their picture too, so they traded with us. I really appreciated that because we don’t have a ton of “together” pictures. =^^= Master had ordered our tickets about a week earlier, and he had gotten us special premiere seating. That meant that there was a whole place to lounge in before going in to the movie, and then you were allowed to take your food in to your registered seating. I mean, sure, standing in super long lines three or four hours before a major movie premieres can be fun.. Not. So yes, we were both thrilled.

The food was kind of amazing. Like, it may have been the best pizza we’d had in a while. We got some fries too, which had some sort of spice we’d never tried before, and they were soooo good. Master also ordered himself a bowl of mac and cheese an hour or so later, and he got me some popcorn for the actual movie. It felt really luxurious not having to wait in line to get our own movie food, (they have waitresses who bring it to you), and we both agree the next midnight show we go to will be there!

The seats themselves gave me the heebie-jeebies a bit, truthfully. I mean, we were really, really high up in the balcony, and right in the front row, so – looking down gave me the willies. I just kept trying to pretend we were on the ground floor. Ha ha. Still, it was nice not having anyone’s head right in front of us.

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The actual movie itself? No, I won’t give spoilers. I will say that both Master and me were pretty disappointed. They changed a lot of major stuff, and they added stuff in that made both Master and me roll our eyes. Peter Jackson says “He took a lot of liberties, but they lead to better story telling.” Sorry, Mr. Jackson. No. They. Didn’t. I’m sure a lot of people will love the movie, but if you’re a die-hard book fan like Master and me, you might leave the theater a bit more annoyed than pleased. ::Sigh::

Still, it was a lot of fun going and I’m glad we went. The movie had its funny parts. It had bits which made me laugh, it had bits which made me want to cry (happy tears), it had bits that were beautifully done, but it didn’t feel quite in the spirit of original Tolkein. Not for us, anyway. We definitely want to see the other two movies in the series, but I don’t think we’re nearly as excited as we were before we went.

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  1. Jackson had to take more liberties simple because having only one book and a sub book to pull from you can only use so much maybe thats why Del Toro walked away from directing it. I still think it should have been two films not three. The only part odd to me was the first 10 min because after watching the uncut lotr week before again e. wood was so tall and lanky he looked out of place. I still think the best hobbit is the old animated film. I enjoyed it for what it was and loved the gollum scenes that guy needs to win best supporting actor one year for all his work. To each his own but Jackson is one of the few directors that still knows how to develope characters in a film that’s why lotr and the hobbit trilogy will still be enjoyed generations from now I feel. P.s I wish I lived near a theater like yours….

    1. @Ry Oh, I’m not debating that Jackson is a good director. I think he is, but, I just think that he got carried away (in a bad way) with this particular movie, and some of his changes made me cringe. I dislike what he did to Bilbo as a character, he is just so different than he was in the books. I dislike how most of the dwarves looked like short humans, not stalky, Tolkein dwarves. I have some more (major) things that bothered me, but I don’t want to leave spoilers in the comments as this is a spoiler free post.

      I will completely agree that the LOTR Trilogy will likely be enjoyed for generations to come. I had some minor beefs with that, too, but I’m very much prone to prefering the book in most cases, and I know most movies are not exact copies of books. I can take minor changes and live with them, but I just didn’t feel like The Hobbit changes were minor.

      I completely agree The Hobbit could have been done in two movies, not one. I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree on Jackson’s liberties. I think there is so much he could have pulled from the book which he didn’t, and I am disappointed for sure.

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