Sick Kitty

No, not me, this time. Sheesh, what are you saying? You saying I’m always sick or injured or whatever? OK, fine. You win. Still, this isn’t about me, it’s about:


Poor Sabrina. According to Master (who has done the math), she’s twenty years old, and I’m really worried about her. Actually, I guess that’s not entirely true. I’m much more worried about Master than I am about Sabrina. As I mentioned before, Sabrina and me have just never really ever bonded, and I’m OK with that. I have Serenade and I really love having her around. She’s a sweet kitty.

Anyway, right when we were moving into the place we’re in now, Sabrina started to lose a lot of weight. She’s actually pretty skeletal, and it feels a little “icky” when I pat her, only because I can feel her spine really easily (could count her vertebrae really easily), and her ribs just feel sharp under her coat. The same thing had happened to Samantha right before she passed, so we took Sabrina to the vet to make sure she was OK. The vet did myriad expensive tests, and it turned out, Sabrina was fine, just a little bit dehydrated. We put out extra extra water bowls for her, and carried on.

Now, within the last week, Sabrina has been driving Master and me bonkers, and we’re worried something is really wrong with her. It started with her using the bed for a litter box when we weren’t home. Then, when me and Master were home, I heard Sabrina screaming, so I went to find her, and I found her screaming on the top of her lungs and, yep – peeing on the bed.

What strikes us as odd about this is that, if she was angry at us (or something else emotional), and she was peeing on the bed, I’d completely understand. But, why would she scream and alert us as to what she’s doing? A few of my friends think that maybe she has kidney stones. That seemed like a reasonable thought, but since then, we’re caught her doing number two on the bed and, yep, screaming.

Right now, Master is really worried. We have plans to bring Sabrina to the vet and see what’s going on, and why it’s hurting her so much to use the bathroom (AND why she’d not use her litter box, which is clean and she’s never had an issue with ’til now). Master is worried though, because with a twenty year old cat, he’s not sure what there is to be done. He’s terrified he’ll have to put her down, and I just hope it doesn’t come to that. I feel even worse for him because it’s right around the holidays too, so I don’t want him to have to do anything like that now.

Please cross your fingers and send happy thoughts for Sabrina. She’s been a good kitty, and I hope her and Master can continue to be good friends for a long time.

13 thoughts on “Sick Kitty

  1. That stinks but yea was going to say diabetes too. Maybe bring in a stool sample too to analyze. Maybe the out cry isn’t pain but sorrow in that she can’t stop what is making her do that and she is trying to make sure she has your attention.

  2. Aww poor kitty! I think the cry maybe a cry for help. Stella has a condition that does not allow her to eat dry or canned food. She is on a raw meat (B.A.R.F) diet which is close to the natural cat diet. Stella also sometimes has trouble going to the litter box. We usually find its when she has not eaten enough olive oil (helps to loosen things up) or she has eaten some canned tuna. I suggest trying out a B.A.R.F diet, cats in the wild generally eat raw meat. You can start out by trying raw chicken that is fresh and cut up into tiny pieces. You can also try giving her some olive oil to help loosen things up for her. If you have any questions about B.A.R.F please ask me. I have done extensive research on it for Stella and our vet is highly impressed with her health. I hope she gets better ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. @MomoNoHanna Thanks for the advice! I will talk to Master and see if he wants to try that. We’re a bit worried Sabrina may just be a bit old, but at this point it definitely can’t hurt to try something new.

      1. You can always just do it for a few meals, like her breakfast or dinner. Then alternate and do her a normal dried food meal. She is an old cat however I have heard of even older cats thriving on the B.A.R.F diet. They get all that they need from it. Our vet is extremely impressed with the health of our cats. Especially Stella since she had to change her diet. Dried food and canned cat food really is junk food for cats. They are pretty much made from left over human grade (sometimes) meat that was deemed unsuitable for human consumption. Our 9 year old Daisy Mae looks like a young kitty ๐Ÿ™‚ They are both full of fur and white healthy teeth that never need cleaning! Also our vet only has to ever come once a year for there flu shots ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. @MomoNoHanna Oh isn’t it awful the things they put in pet food? ::shudder:: Master and me try to but stuff without by-products, etc in it. We are definitely thinking of giving this diet a try. Sabrina LOVES meat, I wonder how she’d take to it raw. Oddly, Serenade wants nothing to do with real meat. Silly kitten.

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