More Password Protection


It turns out that Master does want me to blog about the cupping session we did the other day. While this is an accepted practice in many places, Master and me both feel safer sticking it behind a password protected post, due to the fact that it is wet cupping, not dry cupping. You can read a bit about wet cupping here. As with my other password protected posts, please:

  • Email me to request the password. The _ Sub _ Mission @ yahoo . com (remove spaces). It will be a different password than my other two posts, however, if I have already given you the password for one of the other posts, I will be more than happy to give you this password. Just let me know that you want the password for the 12/22/2012 post. 🙂 That is all.
  • If I have not given you any of the passwords to the other two posts, be forewarned: I only feel comfortable giving the password to people I’ve been talking to for about a year or so. I will make special exceptions if we chat a lot, but if I turn you down, please know it is nothing personal, Master and me just feel more comfortable this way.
  • If you’re requesting this password far in the future, please, when you shoot me your email just let me know the date you’re requesting the password for.

Mew! <3

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