XMas Eve

XMas Eve went better than I thought it would, though it was still kind of frustrating. Lately, whenever Master gets a single moment to himself, someone needs something from him. It’s not that we don’t like to help others, I think it’s really more that we’re both just really tired and frustrated from lack of down time, lately. This time, it was my Mom. She let someone download a bunch of crap to her computer, and in doing so, she broke the damned thing. Master spent a good amount of time on the 23rd fixing the computer, and then the better part of Xmas Eve morning doing the rest. >.> And all he wanted to do was relax. Poor Master. I am glad we had Xmas together, anyway.

Unfortunately enough, Master also had to be on-call, so he also had some things to do from home that day. Poor Master.

After he got done all the things he needed to do, he took me out for my yearly Xmas cream puff! Nom! Then, he brought me to pick up a tuna/avocado roll as a special Xmas Eve lunch. <3 I am really super lucky. Master got a couple of slices of pizza for himself. It was nice to be able to eat lunch together.

Then we went home, and I did my workout while Master relaxed and played Halo 4. He’s really loving that game, so I’m really glad I got it for him. <3

Even though we didn’t get much time to relax, it was just really calm and nice to be together, and even though he had to work that night – I managed. I did chores. I distracted myself with video games. I sewed. I didn’t let myself mope – too much. It’s rough because we have some Xmas Eve traditions that we couldn’t follow through on, but in the end, we did get to be together, and that’s all that matters, really. Next year will be even better. I look forward to it. <3

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