Dual Locking Suction Handle


Sometimes it’s nice to have a sex toy that, not only can you leave out even if your parents are visiting, but, has uses aside from being a sex toy. I suppose this isn’t technically a “sex toy” anyway, but one of the many great sex aides, Vibrator.com has. Master likes to have sex in the shower, but we both find it to be a bit awkward because we don’t have a whole lot to grab onto in there, that’s where this great little piece comes in.

The Sex In The Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle is really a wonderful device. I am very glad that we have one. As you can see in the picture, it attaches easily to the tiles in your shower. Be warned: Master and me have large tiles, but I have read in other’s reviews that sometimes small tiles do not allow the handle to stick. I would recommend only buying this particular piece if your shower has no tiles, or if your tiles are 4″ by 4″ at a minimum.

In order to set this up, you’ll notice that there are two dark grey segments in the middle of either end of the handle. What you do is, lightly wet the bottom of your handle, place the suction cups down on the tiles, and then press down on those dark grey bars to lock the handle in place. I really love how well this sticks to the wall! Once I have stuck it to the wall, it will stay stuck for hours, though, I find that if I leave the handle overnight, it will sometimes loosen a bit. You will want to make sure you re-stick it every time that you want to use it. You won’t have to pull it all the way off the wall, simply open the dark grey bars again, and press them flat again. You will be good to go for several hours again.

For sex, this handle is really perfect. It’s also not a bad little item if you want to maintain some independence and have a lower limb injury. Right after I had my foot surgery, I had a hard time getting into and out of the tub, due to not being able to put weight on my foot. This locking handle was a great item, For the Bath, to help me get in and out without having to rely so much on Master. I think an elderly or disabled person could also benefit from using this piece to help lower themselves in the tub, but, you’ll have to make sure they have the hand strength to re-stick this every time they want to use it, or you’ll have to be there to make sure it is secure right before they want to take a bath. It’s not something you could buy for grandma, install, and then never worry about again. Please make sure you are careful and use common sense.

As far as cleaning goes, the handle is made from ABS plastic, so it’s pretty simple to wipe down with soap and water, a 10% bleach solution, or a toy cleaner, if you desire. The box didn’t tell me what the bottom feet are made from, but I think it is rubber. It feels, looks, and smells like rubber – though I can’t be sure. Bottom line, it may or may not be porous, so just be careful to clean it every now and then so as not to let shower gunk build up on it.

Overall, this is a really nice piece, but it could use a bit of a better seal. If it stuck better (didn’t need to be checked every time we used it), I would absolutely give it five paws. It is still a wonderful item, and I couldn’t live without it, so I’m going to give it four paws.5paws


Thank you so much, Vibrator.com, for allowing me to try out this item in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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