Hooray! After writing a post last week, I wanted to give an update on Sabrina. Before I do though, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who reached out to me with ideas for how to help Sabrina. She’s an old kitty, and both Master and me were afraid that her time was just up. Of course, we wouldn’t put her down without exhausting medical testing, etc, but we were scared that is what it was going to come to. Master was very somber when we brought her into the pet hospital.

Luckily, they took a look at Sabrina, and they did all sorts of tests: fecal, urinary, other unpleasant tests (poor Boo), but in the end, they thankfully determined the little mite had a bladder infection! We could not have been more relieved. Sabrina was given an anti-biotic which stays in her system for two weeks, and we also got pain meds to give her. Sabrina is home, safe, (reasonably happy), and we couldn’t be more relieved!

The ‘ol girl is still kickin’. Now, let’s just keep things that way! <3

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