Fire and Ice

Earlier that day, Master and me had been taking pictures for the Mewtique.  The lights we use for picture taking are really hot, and the heat the room up really quickly as well.  We also had a new toy that I won in a contest that Master had been meaning to put to use.  I think that the lights inspired Master for some fun that night!

He told me to go into the bedroom and get a blindfold, as well as a set of wrist and ankle cuffs.  As I was getting those things, he took our new temperature play toy, and he filled it with ice..  And then he put the toy in a bowl that was full of ice, and he put a towel over the whole thing to keep the cold in!  EEEK!

I don’t usually really like cold.  I’m usually good at sitting still when I’m being dripped with ice, or if I have a can of soda being run down my back, but that don’t mean I like it!  It just means I’m well practised.  😉  I liked the idea of a glass toy that you could fill with ice, but I wasn’t entirely prepared for it.  I mean, in my mind, I was picturing a half-filled dildo that was sitting out melting a little while we got things set up.  Um..   Noop.

The scene started off well, Master tied my arms and legs to the bed spread-eagle style.  He put my blindfold on me, and put on the heat lamps.  I felt instantly warmer, and Master asked me if I could feel the heat.  I said I could, and he told me that he had put the photo lights on.  I smiled.  It was a very clever idea.

After he got the lights on, he lit some wax candles, and he told me that he was going to drip it on me.  He doesn’t always warn me, but this time I really appreciated it, because I was a bit on edge with nerves, worrying about the ice and when it might be rearing its frosty head.  I love wax play.  I love the sharp sensations, followed by the burning ones.

Try as I might, I can never seem to be completely still for the first drip.  I always try so hard, but I admit, I always jump about an inch with the body part that is being dripped on.  Hee hee.  After that, it is (usually) pretty smooth sailing.

For me, the thing I love about hot wax play is almost exactly what I love about being hit with a good stiff (wait for it!) cane.  Almost.  For those of you who don’t know, when you’re wholloped with a cane, there are two sensations.  There is this initial pain which is a sharp sensation, then, there’s this secondary ache.  It is not a surface sensation.  It is a deep, dull, delicious ache that you just cannot (and in my case, do not) want to escape.  Wax play is the same, at least for me.  Sure, there are very low temperature wax play candles on the market, and with those, you don’t wind up with the same sensation (but they can be fun, nonetheless).  But, the candles we use offer a very sharp sensation that I love.

And, he started with my legs.  He dripped wax for a while, I don’t know how long, and I was really enjoying it.  He dripped it on my lower legs, my thighs, my tummy, my breasts.  We were both having a wonderful time, and then (of course), I had to ask permission to use the bathroom.  (Dammit, I need a bigger bladder!)  Master gave me permission, and as I was getting up to go and do my thing, Master started to laugh.  I asked him what was funny.

“I love that THIS is our problem!”  He tells me.

“Me peeing?  How is this a problem?”  I asked, genuinely curious.

“That’s my point!  Of all the issues we could have, the only one that’s ever really a

“problem” is that you have to pee.”

I smiled.  I saw his point.  I guess we are pretty lucky that the biggest issue we (generally) have is that I have to pee every freaking hour.  Ha ha.  Oh, well.  I mean, it’s not that we’ve never had disagreements, they are just few and far between.

Anyway, after getting back, Master chained me face down, and he continued with his wax dripping.  He had me put my hair to the side of my neck, but, my nether regions got extra wet when I felt his hand doing a light karate-chop to the back of my neck before dripping wax.  Wax + hair could be dangerous, and it always makes me extra wet when I know he’s looking out for me in even the smallest of ways.  Not to mention, the feel of his gargantuan hands on me, no matter where they are, is enough to make me really horny.

I honestly don’t remember a lot of the other little things we did, but I do remember “waking up” somewhat when Master got the ice dildo out.  I really did not think I was going to like it at all, and I didn’t really, at first.  The first icy sensation of the frigid dildo on my lady bits made me squirm inside (though, I was perfectly still on the outside).

I definitely did not like the initial entry, but after Master penetrated me the whole way with the toy, I began to really melt into the icy sensation, and I really loved it.  One of the most arousing sensations for me, was when I felt the dildo warming up because my cunt was melting the ice!  It was not a fast transition, I assure you – but the idea of my hot, wet cunt melting the ice was such a turn-on for me.

Master pulled the toy out of me right when I was in the middle of my orgasm.  I stayed very turned on, as he let one of my legs go free, and proceeded to fuck me from behind.  After he was finished fucking me, he untied me, gave me the Hitachi, and pinched and bit my nipples and neck until I came very hard.  It was a wonderful scene, and I would love to do it all over again!  <3

7 thoughts on “Fire and Ice

    1. @Ry We’ve actually never used a frozen dildo. We tend to chill toys on ice, or run them under a hot or cold tap if we’re doing sensation play. We have used actual pieces of ice before though, and I would say I prefer the dildo to actual ice, but only because it makes less mess. =^^= Hope that helped.

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