Itsy Bitsy Post Take 2

My hand is a lot better than it was yesterday, but still a bit off, so I’m doing another mini-blog. <3

Let’s see. Remember how we hate this place? Well, a couple of weeks ago, Master was out and the manager to our complex recognized him. We had no clue who he was, but he knew who we were! He said he saw us at Thunder, and he was a kinkster as well. He said we were one of the “good ones” and wanted to be sure we stayed at the apartment we were in. It’s always nice to meet a fellow kinkster, but fuck. This place is awful and we didn’t expect anything to come of it.

Yesterday on Master’s way home from work, he stopped at the front office to pick up a couple of packages. Mr. Kinky Manager was there. While he was there, Master asked how they were doing on getting out vents cleaned. The Manager looked in the computer, and said that someone already did it. Master said that no one had come by, and Mr. Manager said he would make sure it was taken care of right away. He wasn’t kidding.

Master and me were on our way out the door to check the actual mail (which is separate from where we get our packages), and on our way down the steps, we were bitching about how no one has been by. On our way down, someone met us coming up, and said he was there to check on the vents in the ceiling. (Geeze, I guess Mr. Kinky Manager meant it when he said “right away!”) Master and me were both shocked, but let him in, of course.

While he was there, he told us that he had been gone on vacation, and the person who supposedly tried to come and do the vents was not let into the apartment. He said that I stood there on the inside, and refused to let him in, telling him he had to do the vents from the outside.

WTF? What a lame excuse! If he came by, I’d have let him in.

Anyway, this new guy (head of the maintenance monkeys) says he’ll be by today, and he’ll take care of it. Here is hoping. Master and me are still planning on moving at the end of the year, but if having a kinky manager changes things and people actually get shit done around here, then we’ll stay. We’re not keen on packing all of our shit and moving it (what a hassle), but we will if we have to. Why live somewhere awful?

8 thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy Post Take 2

  1. Clearly me hoping your hand would cooperate helped πŸ˜› And good luck with your apartment! I just moved to a new city and it was a pain getting all of my shit down here. Better than not moving though πŸ˜€

    1. @Elle Congrats on your move! Moves are always a pain (I think), but I do love setting up the new place, even if I hate tearing down the old one, you know? And thanks for the well wishes. πŸ˜€ They definitely helped. πŸ˜€

  2. Oh my gosh! LOL. Funny that the manager is kinky.
    Not funny that maintenance lied about you denying entrance… (Why do they think we’ll believe something like that? Maintenance guy here said no one was home on days i had gone nowhere… really?? wtf???)
    Hope something good comes out of it and they really start adhering to their side of the deal.

    1. @jenpet Crazy small world we live in, huh? I can empathize with you on your maintenence guys. I wonder if they are under contract by the same company? Ha. Wouldn’t be surprised. πŸ˜‰

  3. I hated apt maint people lying, never taken care of stuff glad I got a house instead. Least maybe now your “friends” with manager will make your life easier.

    1. @Ry Yeah, we hate apartment living, which is why we’ve been saving to buy a house. πŸ™‚ Hopefully we’ll get one eventually, but for now, we’re stuck in apartments.

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