I Wear My Uterus On The Outside. Also, Rope.



Those panties are going to take some getting used to. I’m so weird. See, I’m not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination, and I always saw uterus panties as being sort of a feminist thing (at least, I see them in photos of feminist rallies, and they tend to be sold by feminists, etc). Well, I was shopping with my Xmas money (thank you, Sarumom), and Master saw these and wanted me to get ’em. I was turned off by two things: one, they’re white, and I only wear white panties with my schoolgirl skirt. Heh. But two, the whole feminist connotation. Still, I don’t think Master sees them as feminist (after purchasing them, I told him my feelings on them). He just thinks they’re cute. So, rock them I shall.


And, in this particular session, Master was just dicking around with the rope a bit. After he was done, he told me to try to escape. I got out pretty easily. I think he knew I would. After that, he tied my wrists up really well (behind me), and had all sorts of fun. It was really great. I love when we get to play around. Especially with rope.

8 thoughts on “I Wear My Uterus On The Outside. Also, Rope.

  1. Kitty,

    i totally agree with you on the whole feminist thing. While i think you would look cute in a garbage bag (with the garbage in it), i think the panties do give off a feminist connotation. But i know if your Master likes them, it makes you love them.

    You and i had this conversation before, when i blogged about my Master telling me “congratulations! you like this song now!”. It’s just the desire to want to please Him and truly feeling awesome about doing it. With that in mind, i can see the joy on your face and it’s clear to see how happy you are. =)


  2. I also understand the connotation, and probably would not have purchased then on my own. If my Master said he wanted me to wear then, I would have done exactly as you did, and strutted in them before him. That all being said, you really do look adorable in them, and other than making your Master happy, that’s all that matters!

    1. @Owned_by_Master Thanks. This has been something I’ve run into often in my service to Master because he often wants me in things that are not my style. Still, I enjoy the challenge of learning to love things I don’t necessarily love up front. =^^=

  3. Wow, I’m either alot geekier than I thought or I really need to start dating more. As soon as I saw the first pic I thought, “Does her underwear have an alchemic symbol on it?” It was only after I started reading I realized what the title of this post meant 😉

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