Oh, Sabrina

Today, I’m all nervous. We’re bringing Sabrina to the vet tonight. Things are getting so bad with her, that we called to change her follow-up appointment. The pet hospital we brought her to last time called us a couple days ago, and said that since she’s not improving that probably the bladder infection was a symptom of something else going on. I mean, she’s made improvements. She’s not screaming when she tries to do her business anymore.. But she’s still not using her litterbox! Master and me are so sick of doing all this extra laundry. A couple of days ago, she also just completely stopped grooming herself, which is unusual.

The vet seems to think that probably Sabrina is in Kidney Failure or she has diabetes. The thing is, we can’t take care of her if she has either. It isn’t that we can’t pay for her medical supplies (I mean, if she has kidney failure, the cost of the fluid bag and needles, is like $10 a week. I know because of our other kitty). The real issue is that Sabrina isn’t like Samantha. She doesn’t let us hold her (she’s not a snuggle cat), and she’s not going to sit there while we stick her with needles and wait for fluid to drain into her.

Plus, there is the fact that she’s just really old. She’s twenty. Master is beyond terrified that we’ll need to put her down. πŸ™ We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t have to, but if she’s got kidney failure or diabetes like the vet suspects, then I just don’t know how we could give her shots or fluids. It would be awful to let her just suffer.

So, I’m crossing my fingers for Master’s sake that she’s just got a super bladder infection, and so long as we get her some new antibiotics she’ll be fine. She’s just so old though, so I just don’t know how this is going to pan out. πŸ™ Poor mite.

::Crosses paws::


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OMG, another sigh of relief over here.Β  Poor Sabrina though.Β  Just got back from the vet, and she needs yet another antibiotic, and some probiotics.Β  She’s got the worst infection ever ever ever.Β  When we went to the vet this time, the vet we saw seemed more positive than the one we talked to on the phone, and while she said that yeah, Sabrina could have thyroid probs or be in kidney failure, she wasn’t going to jump to that conclusion.Β  I’m so glad that she’s OK, because I don’t want anything to happen to Master’s kitty.

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