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I’ve got a lot of nipple clamps. You name it, I most likely have some like that. Tweezer clamps, Decorative clamps, Clover clamps, Alligator clamps, Bull nose clamps, and I even had some magnetic ones, but let’s not open that can of worms, k?

These clamps arrived in a small, simple box, which I honestly threw away. I have a drawer I keep my nipple clamps in, and I really didn’t need a box. However, if you need some place to store them, you could easily save your box for storage. Be warned: the box is not discreet as it shows a woman wearing the clamps.


What’s wrong with this picture? Oh, right, one of the clamps has huge feathers, and the other has tiny feathers. Why is that? Well, it’s not really the fault of the people at Pipedreams. Master and me can just be a bit rough on our toys, and when you consider that feathers don’t really play well rough, well – this sort of thing is bound to happen. I honestly don’t even remember the exact moment when Master and me broke the biggest feather off of the clamp on the right. I don’t think he does either. I didn’t even notice that one was smaller than the other until now. To be fair though, Master almost always has me blindfolded or in such a position that I can’t see my nipples when I wear these. It could have been any of our play sessions.

The feathers themselves are glued into the clamps really well. The one which broke off must have been torn off. As for how they feel, running these along your hand will feel soft and light, almost like marabou. They definitely don’t tickle me at all when I wear them. I enjoy wearing these on my nipples. Not only do they have a nice strong bite (if you want, more on that later), but they also have a soft, sensual feel from the feathers. It’s a fun contrast.

That strong bite I was taking about? Well, these are bull nose clamps. They include a screw, and (similar to alligator clamps), you can adjust the intensity from a dull pinch to a “nom, nom nom! OMG! That’s GOOD!” True, you don’t get the same pinch you’d get with an alligator clamp, but you do get a really strong sensation which should sate most people, and quell most masochists. I have found, unfortunately, that those rubber nibs, which you can remove on most similar clamps are glued in place or something. I can’t get them off for anything. Consider that into your calculations, if you’re a masochist of the extreme variety who wants their nipple clamps to leave marks.

Could you use these on your labia? Sure. Would you want to? I’m not so sure. See, feathers and similar materials are notoriously hard to clean. You can wash them, but then they will never regain their original amount of “poof”. Therefore, I personally stick to nipples with these. Besides, with all the clamps I have, it’s pretty easy for Master to choose some different ones to use on my labia. Prior planning and all that.


Another good thing about these? Well, they can fit a wide variety (no pun intended) of nipples. They open to a full 3/4″. They will happily (and feather-ily) hang off of any skin less than that amount.

Would I share these with another partner? Maybe. The ends which go over your nipples are covered in rubber nibs. Rubber is porous. Share these with a fluid bonded partner only, for your safety.

All in all, I really do love these clamps. They have a good, strong bite. They are adjustable. They fit a wide variety of nipples, and they look beautiful. They are both decorative, and functional, and they will remain a staple in our toy bag for a good long while. However, as one feather did get ripped out, I’m going to go ahead and dock them a star. Sorry, clamps. I still love you! 4 Paws:4paws


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These clamps are from my own personal collection. No compensation whatsoever has been given in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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