“Try To Look Hungry”

Master and me were playing old school Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 on old school Xbox. We decided we were hungry and were going to make a snack. I was going to get up and make it, but Master started fondling my breasts, and he took off my night shirt.

“How am I supposed to cook with no shirt on?” I asked him.

“You’re not going to.”

And, he continued to rub and pinch my breasts here and there, from behind. After a few minutes, he got up and told me to come help him make snacks.

I crawled over to the kitchen, and he told me to kneel just outside the kitchen.

“How am I helping?”

“Look hungry.”

I tried to look hungry, though I’m not sure if I did. He laughed. I started shaking my tits at him to try to at least look interesting on top of hungry. Heh. Master came over, and started to play with me. He had me kneel in position 30, and he started to lightly finger my pussy. He reached around and pinched my nipples. After a few minutes, he had me turn over, and he went into the other room to get some things. He came back with Leo and some (AFF) heavy duty nipple clamps. I know my eyes got wide, because Master mentioned it. The nipple clamps didn’t scare me. Leo did! Ha ha.

Master hooked in (AFF) Alistair and put the wand controller on it, and turned it down super low. He told me I could play with it all I wanted, but that I wasn’t to cum.

I felt his hands on my neck, squeezing me hard there. I felt the bones moving ever-so-slightly. I felt myself smile ear to ear.

“I’m a freak!” I mewed, exasperated.

“No,” he told me. “You’re my good, sexy kitty.”

I felt myself blush.

I don’t remember what happened in what order after that. Things got fuzzy. So deliciously fuzzy. I remember Master teased my cunt with his fingers, and put Leo inside me for a bit before fucking me with his cock.

I don’t know why, but every now and then, I’ll have this out of body experience where I realize the things which make me the absolute happiest are the things that are none too accepted by society, and for whatever reason, in that moment, I feel self-conscious about it. Thank goodness for Master always being there to reassure me.

After we were done playing and cleaning up, we went back to Baldur’s Gate. We had snacks this time, they finished cooking right before Master started playing with me. I kept dying constantly. I was waay too loopy to focus as per usual. It’s OK. I think video games are best that way.


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