The Wheels On The Wartenberg Go ‘Round and ‘Round


This is a review I’d never actually intended to write. Wartenberg Wheels have been a staple in my own personal toy box for as long as I’ve known what BDSM was. There are a lot of reviews on them all over the web, so it seemed sort of silly to me to put my own review out there. But you know what? I think the humble, gorgeous Wartenberg Wheel is being given a bad name by their plastic counterparts, and I want to do my part to set the record straight. Wartenberg Wheels are awesome.

Now, as with any toy there will always be people who do not get along with the Wartenberg Wheel. I had a friend who was curious about them, and I showed him mine. He asked me to test it for him on his hand, to feel the sensation. He didn’t feel anything. I was shocked! That’s when he told me that he had loss of nerve function in his hand due to Type 2 diabetes. D’oh! That’ll explain it! See, Wartenberg Wheels were initially made to test neurological response in patients, nowadays? I’ve never seen a doc use one on me, and I’ve been to the neurologist many a time. I’m sure they still exist in the medical world, but it seems their medical use has gone a bit scarce. For those of you who already know you have decreased nerve sensation, you may not get anything out of this toy, and it’s best to leave it be. On the other hand, if you’re like me, and you don’t have decreased nerve sensation, you may really enjoy this toy.



So, you’ve gone to, and you’ve gotten your funny looking spiky thing. Now what? Oh, my! The possibilities are literally endless. One of Master’s favorite ways to play with me and the pinwheel is to blindfold me, bind me, and gag me. Then, we play a game of “Don’t you fucking move, or else I won’t beat you!” What? I mean, if he told me he’d hit me if I moved – I’d never want to stay still! =^.~=

You could also take turns teasing each other with it, if you’re not into kinky play. Maybe you and your partner could slowly tease each other by running this along each other’s backs or inner thighs?

I do’t really recommend running this along mucous membranes (such as the cunt), unless, of course, you’re into pain. Non-masochists beware: I did warn you.

This is great for teasing just outside the butthole, around the neck area (omg, I go gaga when it is run along my ears!), inner thighs.. Be creative!

As this was initially intended for medical use, you could use it in your medical play. What if Nurse Sexy was testing your “stay still” response? That sounds like a hot night to me.

Really, there’s so many things you can do with this. As far as cutting skin? Yeah, if you wanted to, you sure could. It’s not really something you’ll have to worry about though. If you want to break skin, you’re going to need to apply quite a bit of pressure, and even drag this across the skin sideways (not the direction it freely rolls in). Otherwise, the tension between the spikes doesn’t allow for natural blood play. That’ll require purposeful thinking.

Once you get blood on a toy, I definitely do not recommend sharing it, either. I have not tried them personally, but it seems Stockroom has some plastic throw-away Wartenberg Wheels that you could buy if you have multiple non-fluid bonded partners. The toy is made from chrome plated brass. When we’re done using it, I very gently wash it with plain soap and water, and I pat it dry. Be certain not to leave it sitting around damp! A rusty Wartenberg is not a happy Wartenberg.

Over time, the little spikes on the end of the wheel can get a bit dull with frequent use. I’ve used some sandpaper on these in the past to make them nice and sharp again. You can also buy a new one if you’d rather. These are less than $10 each, so it’s not a big hardship replacing it every now and then.

So, how do you find and buy a good wheel? Well, most of the people I see slamming Wartenburg wheels are buying simple plastic (but non-disposable ones), like this one. Now, I haven’t tried this particular wheel myself, but I will say it doesn’t look that exciting to me from the outside looking in. When you’re looking to buy a pinwheel, whether it be plastic or metal, I highly recommend you buy one which has well defined spikes. If the spikes are too small or too close together, or both, then you’re not going to get the sensation you’re looking for. I stand by my Stockroom wheel, because I’ve had it for many years, and it has stood the test of time, and has held up perfectly to the abuse Master and me put it through. I could not rate it highly enough. 5 Paws.5paws


This review was not sponsored by It is a toy from my own personal collection, that I chose to review on my own.

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