Boot, Meet Ass


The other day, Master took a couple little shots of my ass while we were in the beginning of our play. We were testing out the new (AFF) boot paddle, and it’s definitely my personal new favorite.

The thing which both Master and me are finding to be so wonderful is that it really hurts me deep inside. See, my ass is really hard to mark or bruise. Oh, sure it’ll get pink or red until the cows come home, but usually by the next day all semblance of soreness is gone, regardless of how long Master has hit me. In fact, the only sure-fire way to mark my butt is generally with a cane. I mark other places, but my butt just doesn’t want to do it. Master was so excited my butt was marking that he stopped spanking me to take this shot. You can see there’s some small bruisey dots coming in. What was so exciting to Master was that it usually takes us maybe an hour if he wants to mark my ass, and this picture was taken about ten minutes in.

Normally, marks aren’t really the “goal” of play, but there are days where Master tells me he just wants to see some on me. This paddle really made us both happy, because by the end of the session there were more purpley marks, and the next day I really felt that nice, deep soreness in my bum.

Mmmmm. <3 We did so much that night, but my mind is blanking of most of it. I was so out of it, drifting off in the wondrous flying sensations and happy vibes. <3 Thank you Master! I can’t wait to play again. <3

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