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Fridays are Master’s short day, so when he got home we had to run out and get groceries. After groceries, we had leftover money from the grocery budget, and Master decided to take me out to dinner. It was really sweet of him. Actually, I remember laughing because he said “You’ve been such a good girl! And, you deserve to be taken out somewhere without having any choice in where.” Ha ha, it was the perfect thing. It was funny because he was about to ask me if I had any input on where we should go, but before I opened my mouth to respond he cut across me with that. Lol. The funniest part? I was about to respond with “Wherever you want to go is fine.” Ha ha ha.

Eating has been kind of hard for me lately, because for whatever reason, I have a stomach thing now. It’s not a bug, we know that for sure – but it’s kind of personal, so I hadn’t planned on blogging about it. At any rate, I am nauseated all the time, and there are very few things that my doctor wants me eating right now. Bland diet it is. Master was able to order me some rice and I ate some french fries too. It was sweet of him.

After dinner, I was feeling a bit.. Adventurous? And, I decided I might want to drive again. When I say I might want to drive again, that is because Master made the decision for me. I had mentioned that I was feeling brave enough to drive, but I wished it wasn’t dark out because I didn’t want to drive in the dark. He sort of put me in the driver’s seat and before I knew it, I was driving. >.> I wasn’t very pleased about it at the time, but I tried to just be good. Master wanted me to drive so I would. All of my fears were wrong. I had initially not wanted to drive because it was night time, and I was also worried because it was Friday, and I was scared the roads would be too high traffic. Yes, it was dark (there aren’t really many streetlights on the back roads we were on), but I was OK. Luckily, there wasn’t a single car behind me at any point. Ha. Slow steps? I didn’t cry (or even want to), though a truck trying to cut me off when we were initially turning out of the restaurant did give me a bit of stress. I was very proud when we pulled into the Whole Foods again. I had made it, and everyone was in one piece.

We got to the store, and it is in the middle of a gorgeous little shopping center which has places for walking around, an ice skating rink, a fire place (as you see above), etc. We both love walking around there, so we got out of the car and went for a stroll around the mini mall. It was really lovely weather, cool but not cold, and I really have been enjoying walking with Master lately. After that we went home. Master had to work the next day, and it was getting late. I was really proud of how well I did driving, and then the walk with Master made the night even better. <3

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    1. @P’Gell Thank you, Honey. It has been very scary for me to get my driving confidence back, especially after the accidents we’ve been in out here. Even though they were minor and no one ever got hurt, they both definitely shook me up and scared me.

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