“I Look Like A Boat!!”



Master and me were playing the other night, and he pulled out the sisal rope. (My favorite!) He tied each leg like you see above, and ran the rope through the bottom of the futon creating a sort of loop that could be pulled on. It was very awesome. I especially loved the tie itself. For one, anything that incorporates my feet or toes is especially amazing to me. I love it so much. So many ties stop at the ankles, and ignore the feet. I feel so much more helpless when my feet are tied, too. <3

In fact, right after he tied that leg, I had sat up to look at it, and I yelled joyously: “YAY! I look like a boat!” Ha ha. I am silly sometimes.

I loved the tie itself so much, that I asked Master if he would take a picture of it, right as he was about to remove it. I normally don’t do that. Master takes pictures of whatever ties he wants to, and I’m usually content. But this one, I just really wanted to have a photo memory of. It was so wonderful. <3

On a related note, I am loving the fact that in the last several months, Master has been fucking me while I’m in rope more. Oh, sure, I’ve been fucked while bound many times! I am usually in leather restraints for that though, because they are quick release, so it makes it easier if Master decides he wants to change positions mid-fucking. I’ve been bound with rope countless times, but usually Master will at least untie my legs before fucking. Last night be fucked me still in the ropes, and I loved it. It made it very hard for me to move at all, but that also made it more of a challenge. He likes to fuck me in a hogtie-esque position too. Sometimes he will tie my arms behind me, my legs together, and have me bend my knees slightly to enter me. I feel so helpless and sexy – like a packaged meat hole that he moves and fucks as he pleases.



6 thoughts on ““I Look Like A Boat!!”

  1. This is a very sexy picture of you! I’m so glad you choose to all for the pictures of this rope work, it is absolutely beautifully done (your Sir is quite amazing at this!). I also love that your feet are also bound! Hopefully I will find an occasion to try this out. Thank you again for sharing!

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