Weekend Shenanigans

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You know how sometimes you run into one of those weekends where you try your absolute hardest, and for whatever reason, nothing gets done? That’s pretty much what Master and my weekend was like. Thursday I got not a single wink of sleep (shouldn’t have drank that caffeine!), and Friday I had so much to do in the daytime that by the time Master and me got home (after he was done working), I fell asleep. It was really early too. Ridiculous.

Saturday our plans were foiled by Master’s job. Work is work, I know, I know – but still. Nothing got done as he went in early. Boo.

Sunday we were determined! We had a nice huge list of things to accomplish, and unfortunately, they just didn’t happen – not for lack of trying though. We got up early and drove the car down to the auto repair shop. Problem was, the last time it snowed when Master was making a turn into work, he slowly skidded into a curb. And then, of course, the wheel (not the tire) got dented which threw the car out of alignment. It’s hard to drive with the car, though the repair guy did say it was safe. We still can’t drive all the way to Las Vegas until the car is repaired. (Nor would be want to!!) Of course, we get there, but they lack the specific wheel our car needs, but mention if we find a wheel they will still repair it that day. We ran around town to several places and no such luck with said wheel. Boo.

I can’t remember how it was brought up, but Master mentioned that the local theater was no longer showing The Hobbit in 3D. We saw the movie once in 2D, but it was really important to Master to see it in 3D while it was still in the theater. Of course we went online, and the closest theater that was showing it was the next town over. We drive over, and their website was full of lies. LIES! They no longer had it in 3D, and further research told us the closest theater from there with the movie was twenty-five miles away. Hrumph. At this point, nothing having gone right in our weekend, we decided that – fuck it, we were just going to go.

Master was sweet, and, as I was running low on battery, he bought me a latte. Nom nom. I knew I was in trouble though, because it didn’t wake me up at all! Snap! I started guzzling water and that seemed to do it. We arrived two hours early to the theater, confirmed the movie was in fact 3D, and then went to a mall which happened to be right across the street. We spent about an hour and a half wandering around the mall just killing time and getting some walking in. Master even picked out that cute bracelet for me. <3 It was really sweet and special of him.

So, all in all, the weekend wasn’t a total bust, but we sure didn’t get the things we had planned done. Here’s hoping they get done next week.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Shenanigans

    1. @Ry, We could rent a car to drive to Vegas, but Master wants the car functional anyway, so we need it repaired regardless. We just absolutely can’t wait ’til we get back because it drives badly right now.

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