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The other day, it was free pancake day, and Master decided we were off to Ihop! =^^= When we got there, we waited to be seated and once we were shown to our table, the hostess asked me if I wanted a kid’s menu. Normally I wear my kitty ears, but when it is cold outside, I opt to wear a kitty hat, and Master and me both think the hat makes me look younger than normal. I was just about to tell the woman that I didn’t want one, when Master cut across me and told the lady “Yes”. She brought me a coloring page and said “See, now you have something to do!”

I smiled. It has been so long since I had been given a coloring page that I forgot they are coloring pages complete with crayons! I had (falsely) assumed it would be just a regular menu but with kid’s food on it. The problem is, half of the time when we ask for a kid’s menu (in the past) the wait staff would be happy to give me one, and the other half of the time they get really grumpy. I think we both just gave up on asking in wake of a rash of Grumpy Gus-es. When the waitress got to us, she was all “You have a coloring page?!” Ha ha. Screw you lady, the other lady gived me dis. <3

My inner little was in heaven. Also, pancakes.

20 thoughts on “Pancakes and Coloring Pages

  1. I also just went to ihop for unlimited pancakes couple weeks ago very yummy. Yes that hat does make you look younger for sure. You should have given your drawing to the waitress lol

  2. So what grumpy Butt! i get them all the time when i go out to dinner i color it and give it to the waiter if the waiter was nice to me if not after i finish coloring i shred it to tiny pieces and leave pieces everywhere, my daddy just laughs and tells the waiter good luck finding all the pieces, that i shredded my paper

    i had a waiter chases us down demanding a tip and all i did was say here your tip and gives her shredded paper then fliped her off


      1. i was really angry at the waiter shredded 5 Papers i had that one really cool waiter gave me to color threw it at the Mean waiter when she went by thew it at her back acted Innocent she yelled at a kid that was the seat behind me for throwing paper, i talked to the kid and got him involved at throwing paper at her lasted 30 Min then i got in trouble by my daddy and had my ds3 taken away But TOTAL WORTH IT
        i got my ds back once we left the Restaurant he told me i was a good girl to that mean lady

        *from what i understand she got fired from the paper throwing*

  3. How fun! Why would anyone get mad because you simply wanted to color? Why some people get pleasure from being unpleasant like that frustrates me.

    For years, I could always color in restaurants because they would bring my kids coloring pages and crayons. Now my youngest is officially a teenager (scared, I’m very scared) she’s “too cool” to color. *sigh*

    I should start asking for my own coloring pages, now.

    Did you put your picture on the fridge? I would do that. Or you could have a blog page with all your restaurant art work. I’d come and look at that.


    1. @P’Gell You know, I’ll never know how or why some people get so snippity just because you want to do something fun, regardless of what it is. Some people just can’t stand to see other people happy. -.-

      We didn’t put my picture on the fridge, but I saved it and gave it to Apple Pig, since it was a picture of him. Maybe I should edit the post with a picture of it. He he. <3

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