Kitty VS the Lobster



Master is a funny sort of man, I think. There are a lot of foods out there that he will not eat, at all – yet he likes to prepare them. For example, when I eat pomegranates, one of my favorite things to do is to roll it around on the table so the seeds “pop out”. Of course, Master loves this too, so I almost never get to do it. I don’t mind, I guess I just think it’s a bit strange that he likes to prepare some foods, and yet he doesn’t like to eat them.

The other thing about Master, is he gets these crazy ideas in his head, about how to spoil me, and then he goes through with them (usually). One such recent occurrence was when we were in the grocery store. It is a rare occurrence that I get to choose my own food, so I usually help direct Master as to what is on the list to buy, but other things he wants to buy are entirely up to him. When he took me by the fish department, I knew he was not choosing something for himself. He doesn’t eat fish.

“Would kitty like a lobster tail?”

I squirmed. I wasn’t sure how to answer.

Flashback to the only other time in Master and my relationship when he made me lobster. He had asked me if I ever had lobster over email. I told him no. I traveled via train to see him (we were dating at the time), and I showed up in his house. He had a bag with something in it, and he put the bag on the chair. Not being too nosy, I didn’t look in the bag. Not until he told me to, anyway. I opened the bag, and shrieked – and a few tears fell from my face. There, in the bag, were two fresh lobsters – alive and kicking. Moving slowly, for sure, and with their claws banded, yeah – but two live lobsters nonetheless. When Master asked me what was wrong, and hugged me to him I just sobbed “there’s SEA SPIDERS IN THE BAG!!” He told me he didn’t think I’d find lobsters scary, and he was sorry he spooked me. He told me he only bought two because when he was a kid him and his brother used to race lobsters on their kitchen floor, and he thought I’d find that fun. Apparently not.

In fact, I was so creeped out at the prospect of eating lobsters, that Master invited a friend over, and he wound up breaking down the lobster substantially before putting it in front of me. My friend was trying to coax me into eating it “It’s so good!” and I did like it, but was scared of it, and it took a lot of effort on my part to get past the creepy-ness of the lobster. I am a freak.

Master looked at me, and as I hadn’t responded, (I was still thinking), he told me he would break it up good for me, and that it was just the tail so I wouldn’t have to be as scared.

“Er. Okay. Thank you, Master.” And he ordered one and brought it home for me, delighted that he would be able to make me a special dinner, and not necessarily for any special reason.

I was still nervous about it. Flash forward to Master actually having time to cook it, and he cut it up for me as he promised (like you see in the picture), and he put a little bit of butter and a toothpick in one of the pieces for me.


I am such a spoiled girl. Master is so sweet to want to find ingredients to cook me amazing meals when he has the urge (which is quite often). Later that night:

“I am so glad you liked the lobster I made you, kitty!”

“Why? It was $10! A $10 meal for just me is insane!”

“No, you’re worth it. Master likes making his kitty special food that makes her face light up. I can’t wait to feed it to you again!”


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    1. @Noba You’ve only ever had raw crab and lobster? I didn’t know you could eat them raw, but I’ve eaten raw tuna so I guess it makes sense. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yeah, he’s very sweet. <3

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