Hedonism Week Day 2, 3, and 4

Hedonism Week Day 2

Well, our first hotel apparently charges by the device, not the room, for Internet service, so I’m typing this up on Word for convention weekend, and then when we get to the second hotel, we’ll be all set.  =^^=  Master Pravus’ device is the one getting the Internet.  We both think paying for several devices is dumb.  But, that’s just us.

Anyway, today was a really long day.  As I type this up, it is 7:34PM, but to us it feels like 8:34 because we’re on Mountain time still.  Not that an hour is a big deal, but tonight I am utterly exhausted.

This morning we were up at 4AM.  We excitedly packed up the last minute items we needed, took out the trash and drove down to the local gas station to fuel up and get some green tea.  I knew it was vacation when I had green tea!  Caffeine is a luxury item for me, and I am not normally permitted it.  Then, we began the long drive.  We left when it was dark out, and we did not see the sun over the horizon until 7:30 AM.  (Though, that is because the foothills were behind us, and the sun had some work to do to get over them.)  By the time we had actually left the gas station, it was 5AM.

We started out driving, and neither of us were hungry because it was so early in the day.  By the time we got hungry, it took over two hours to find food!  LOL!  We were just out on the highway in some remote locations, and it was pretty desolate for most of it.  We had planned on just doing drive through for breakfast and lunch because we didn’t want to slow down the trip which was already going to be twelve hours even without stopping for bathroom breaks, fuel, or food.  We found a McDonald’s in the Vale mountain town (By the way, did anyone out there know McDonald’s had oatmeal, or that it’s actually pretty tasty?  No?  Well, neither did I.  Nom.)  It was super cold and we were still up around 9,000 feet.  Brr!

Most of the day felt pretty long.  We were both really excited though, and chatted merrily and played little word games here and there (Let’s play the Alphabet Game with Harry Potter characters..  Let’s talk about all the things we’re going to do in Vegas!)  Lol.  It helped to pass the time, anyway.  Master Pravus thought ahead and he had some Harry Potter books on tape put on his Ipod so that we could play them through the car speakers to also help pass the time.

Lunch time came around, and Master Pravus decided he wanted to get out of the car and sit down to eat.  We passed into the Utah border, and the first place we found to eat was actually not for forty miles into the state!  Not only that, but while we were fueling up we noticed that there were no more “services” for the next 109 miles, so we just ate at the restaurant right there.  Master Pravus got a hamburger, and he ordered me a veggie burger.  =^^=  I’m always shocked when small little restaurants like that have anything “veg’n”.  It was delicious, and it came with the tastiest fries we have ever tasted (Master Pravus agrees).

And then, it was back for the long drive in the car.  LONG drive in the car.  The rest of the trip we talked merrily about all sorts of things.  Camping, scouting as kids, kink, a new toy we pre-ordered for the con, sex, VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS!!  ZOMG!

The entire trip took a total of fifteen hours, which counts the time we stopped for lunch, bathroom breaks, and to buy hot tea (we’re still getting over the flu.  We’re a thousand times better, but tea is sooo good when you’re having crummy sinus problems and it was a lifesaver for me especially.)  Right as we were pulling into Las Vegas itself, I was beyond excited.

“WOW!” I mewed, “This isn’t at all what I thought it would be!”

“What did you think it would be?”  Master Pravus asked, a hint of silly in his voice.

“I thought it would be a mix of (Insert street name I grew up on) in length, and like Boston in building size.”

“HA HA HA!  Nope!  Welcome to Vegas Kitty!”

And, we chittered away about how we were going to go to our room, put our things away, change into something more suitable (Master Pravus had me wear sweats and a T shirt on purpose), and go to a restaurant he wanted to go to.

We got our room key, went to our room, and as soon as I changed into a dress – it hit me.  Sheer, utter exhaustion.  Fifteen hours on the road, and no food in the previous eight hours was just too much for me.  Master Pravus told me to put my sweats back on, and that we were going to explore the hotel, and maybe walk to somewhere close for dinner, instead of driving to the further away restaurant he wanted to go to.

I did as I was told, we walked to the front desk, looked around a bit, looked at the beautiful pools, and we started walking towards the strip.

“Turn around.”  Master Pravus told me.

“What’s wrong?”  I asked, while turning around.

“I’ve just decided this is going to be too much for you, and we’re going to go order room service.”

I apologized for being tired, and he told me he completely understood and did not mind.  He reminded me we will have the next nine days to explore the strip, and there was no reason we couldn’t relax and rest up.  After all, tomorrow, we have Sin in the City!  With so many classes we’re excited about taking, we have a full day planned.

We got back to the hotel, I stripped down (but kept my shirt on and covered my legs with a blanket because we were expecting room service, and nudity for strangers is rude), and sat with my laptop, starting the day’s blog.

We ordered pizza and it was very tasty.  Then, Master Pravus told me I could take a bath.  I’m about to go and enjoy my tubbie before plopping down into bed (and yeah, it’s not even nine over here)!  Part three..  To be continued!

Hedonism Week Day 3

Last night ended pretty well.  Master Pravus got into the bathtub with me, and had me soap up my titties and his cock, and I alternated between lightly licking the head of his dick and fucking him with my titties.  He came hard, and I licked up all his cum.  I loved it.  He was surprised when I licked his cum even though there was soap all over it.  I told him it was too nice to waste.  It was so worth it.  The look in his eyes when I basically ate soap for him was absolutely perfect.  =^^=

As we were going to bed, we realized my wrist cuffs got left behind.  🙁  I have been sleeping in bondage for ten years now, and I always have my cuffs on at a bare minimum.  Master Pravus has also been known to put chain or leather restraints on my ankles too.  At a bare minimum though, I always have my cuffs.  I can sleep without them, but it’s the kind of sleep where you toss and turn and wake up every two minutes.  Master Pravus looked at me.  I looked at him.  He felt so badly that he left the cuffs behind (he had just taken them off me that morning, when we woke up to leave), and he told me so.  Then, he had a great idea.   He told me not to worry, because he had brought rope and would be sure to tie my wrists together when it was time for bed.  I was a bit sad (only because I am so used to the feeling of the restraints as I drift off, and it makes me feel so secure), but I was also cheered that he had a solution.



Right after the tubbie, we both realized how exhausted we really were, and he put me to bed.  He took out the shortest length of rope he had brought with him, but it was still about thirty feet long.  🙁  That’s really quite a lot of rope if you’re just tying wrists up.  Master Pravus is a creative man though, and I was very grateful that he was able to think of a clever way to tie my wrists without lots of dangling rope potentially getting caught around us both.  Not that it would have been dangerous, but really more of just a big nuisance, really.  He took a picture of his rope work after he tucked me into bed with Zeebee.

I slept better than I thought I would – though not as well as I could have.  It wasn’t the rope bondage though.  Nope.  We were huddled together all night, but no matter what we froze our asses off.  The heat in our room didn’t work, and while Vegas is warm during the day, it gets cold at night!  Grr.  We actually wound up checking in with the people at the front desk for the entire duration of our stay trying to get the people at the front desk to fix it for us, and they couldn’t.  🙁  They offered to move us to a different room, but we really didn’t want to pack up all of our stuff because we didn’t want to miss anything at the convention.  They wound up sending up a couple extra blankets and apologizing profusely to us.  To their credit, the blankets were warm and we slept as good as we could the next night.  More on that later.

Oh, while I’m talking about the hotel – I realized I didn’t mention anything about the rooms!  The first hotel we stayed in (the convention hotel) was Alexis Park.  As I type this, I am relaxing on our last night here, we will change hotels tomorrow.  The room we are in (despite the heater issue) is absolutely fucking gorgeous.  GORGEOUS!  Newly renovated, it has brand new furniture in perfect condition.  Not a single blemish on the sofa or chair.  A huge front room, a TV, desk, bathtub with jets, and even a little kitchen area with a sink and a small refrigerator.  It is really nice.  The bed is a huge king size, and I sort of feel lost in it with our six pillows!  The bathroom is huge, too.  I didn’t get a ton of pictures of the hotel room, but here are a couple.

Anyway, Day three we were up much, much earlier than we thought we would be (because we were freezing our asses off).  We had gotten about eight hours of sleep in, but were up at 5:30AM!  Master Pravus rolled over and asked me if I was awake.  I told him I was, and he took off the ropes and let me use the bathroom and get dressed.  We needed to go and get breakfast, and we stopped in at a Dunkin’ Donuts, because we hadn’t been to one in a couple of years.  We miss them, because while they seem to be on every other block back in Boston, there’s only (I think) two in the whole of Colorado.  Master Pravus was so excited to go there again.  After a quick bagel, we still had two hours left before we had to be at registration for the convention.  Master Pravus decided we were going to go to a casino for a little bit, and he gave me a few dollars to spend on a slot machine.  He picked a couple machines, and then he let me choose one to play.  We had a lot of fun at the machine I was at and were able to play for over an hour!  Not that we won much.  I only play penny slots.  Told you I wasn’t much of a gambler.

We headed back to the convention to register, and discovered that the registration had started an hour earlier.  Whoops.  Oh well.  One of the people who was in charge of the convention gave us free breakfast tickets, so when we got out of the registration line, we skittered over there for a couple more bites of food to fill up since there was no more food until dinner that day (we were on the meal plan, but the way they worked it out, there was only dinner that day for whatever reason, and while we could travel a little bit to go to get more food, we didn’t want to miss any of the classes we planned on going to so we weren’t planning on traveling for lunch (nothing was too terribly close by for food).

Breakfast was a little weird for me.  I was really nervous.  Master Pravus even pointed it out to me.  He asked me why I was so nervous and I told him it was a mix of two things, really.  One of them was that the breakfast place was sort of fancy, and I am always nervous in fancy restaurants.  I don’t know why.  The other (silly) thing is that registration had barely begun, so there wasn’t anyone around at that point with a con badge – meaning – we were surrounded by non kinky folk, and that was (for whatever reason) making me a bit nervous too.  Though, to my credit, as soon as the perverts started showing up – I felt a whole lot safer and more relaxed.  Master Pravus noticed that too.

The first class we got to go to was about medical sutures as part of a play scene.  The instructor pointed out that we should ABSOLUTELY NEVER suture a cut – get yourself to the ER, Bro, but taught us a couple of techniques to apply decorative sutures to a person for BDSM reasons.  This was one of our favorite classes and while we did not get to participate, we learned a lot and are eager to try suturing on our own at some point.

The second class was about playing with Liquid Nitrogen.  That was very exciting for both of us.  Neither of us had ever seen play with liquid nitrogen, and Master Pravus really wants to try it with me at some point.  I wanted to volunteer as one of the demo bottoms, but to play safely with liquid nitrogen, you have to be 100% naked, and I got my period right before we went to Vegas.  Lucky, huh?  I did get to eat a marshmallow which was frozen in front of me with liquid nitrogen, and that was tasty.  Also we got to eat ice cream made with liquid nitrogen (Master Pravus let me try a bite of his.

It was OKAY but kinda clumpy, not really my thing, truth be told.  I did also get to feel the liquid nitrogen being poured down my arm (and it was really neat feeling, but honestly – not as cold as ice, and I can’t really imagine why you would go through all the trouble of buying the right equipment to play with liquid nitrogen, when a scene with actual ice is far more intense.  On the plus side, it does look really neat though, and I wouldn’t mind trying it over my full body at some point.  The class was very entertaining and exciting.

There was nothing in the third classroom slot that we were really interested in seeing, so that is the time that we opted to hunt around in the vendor room.  We had pre-ordered a solid state Violet Wand ahead of time, and so we picked that up at the appropriate booth along with an attachment for it.  You should have seen the look on Master Pravus’ face when he realized we had our very own Violet Wand!  Not that I’m not excited too.  I love the Violet Wand, but Master Pravus has always had a huge kink for electricity, but it took him and me some time to figure out if it would be safe for me to do or not.  He is like a kid in a candy store with our electric toys now, and we have acquired quite a few.

The only other thing we opted to buy at the convention was some Violet Wand reactive rope.  I think we have a nine foot piece?  Master had wanted to buy a shorter piece of rope so that for the rest of the time we are here in Vegas it will be faster to tie me up at night, and less of a pain.  Violet Wand reactive rope was the only rope we saw there, but it was a purchase well made, because Master Pavus tells me he has all sorts of things that he wants to do with it.  Hee hee.  I am excited to experiment with it!

Wandering around the vendor area is always one of my favorite things about conventions.  People are always so friendly, and it’s fun trying out new toys.  Master Pravus beat both my bottom and my arm with various and sundry instruments.  I even got a couple of small marks.

When we were in the Vendor Area, something absolutely amazing happened to me.  We were just walking around looking at toys here and there, when a girl wearing a pink dog collar came up and asked me if I was “Faete from YouTube”.  I was really shocked, because I have never ever been recognized from YouTube in public before (though, sometimes people recognize me from Twitter), and she started telling me that she found my videos right around when she was first learning about BDSM and that I really helped her so much.  It is absolutely amazing that two people who have never met can have such an impact on each other.  Both of us were almost in tears, and I just didn’t know how to react.  I asked her if I could give her a hug, and she said yes.  It was just so absolutely wonderful.  I often get emails from people telling me that my videos or blogs have helped change their livese – but in person, never.  This was so special to me, and I will never, ever forget it.

After we were done with our shopping, we ate dinner, and then went to the Opening Ceremonies.  Both Master Pravus and me agree that the Opening Ceremonies were far more exciting than they were at any other convention we have ever been to – kinky or not, and we had so much fun and laughed so much.  It was very cool.

That night, we went to a Cigar Social.  We arrived early, and Master Pravus bought me an orange jello shot and himself a glass of port to start with.  We mingled and met some interesting people and had some interesting talks.  Oddly, at dinner a couple hours earlier, I had been remarking to some people we were chatting with about how no one ever buys me a drink (no one has ever, ever purchased or offered to purchase me a drink, short of people I was already dating), and, after doing the chicken dance with someone (yeah, the details on that one are almost impossible to believe, trust me), the girl I danced with bought me a red jello shot.  At that point, I was already eating a lime one Master Pravus had bought me, and I was like a kid in a candy store!  Not only had someone bought me a drink for my very first time, (Which was sooo cool!), but, now I had a jello shot for each hand!  Nice, huh?  The first shot was actually really strong.  I could barely taste the jello!  Master Pravus was given a free shot later that night (see, I told you everyone buys him drinks), and I was even offered a fourth one for free (but had to decline, because I was shaking a bit and feeling rather tipsy).  I literally spent over an hour nursing those last two jello shots!  LOL!



At one point, I’m not sure exactly when, Master Pravus had put two dollars in my mouth and told me to find the slave who was selling the shots and go buy my second one from her.  It was really humiliating for me (so, basically, I loved it).  I think it was around eleven that we headed back to our hotel room, and decided to shower and go to bed.  There were more classes we wanted to go to the next day.  =^^=

Hedonism Week Day 4



Sleeping the previous night did not go well.  Due to all the alcohol I had at the cigar social, I tossed and turned for most of the night and kept waking up feeling my heart pound and feeling like I was going to vomit.  Hello, Mr. Hangover, I had expected you to show up.  🙁  I tried to sip on some water, and the next morning I wound up feeling much better, despite my lack of sleep.

We woke up about thirty minutes ahead of schedule and Master Pravus took me down to the local CVS to buy a green tea energy drink in case I wound up getting tired later in the day.  I was grateful to him, and kept it in my Hogwarts bag which I was carrying around with me.  We went to breakfast and then got ready for our first class which was about blood play.  I won’t give lots of details of the class, but we watched a lot of really bloody play.  It was very fun and we both left the class feeling really excited and having enjoyed ourselves a lot.  My panties were very, very wet.

The next class we got to go to was about Hojojutsu inspired takedowns and arresting ties.  This was probably my favorite class.  It was really fun for both Master and me. It was a participation class, and we got to practice a new type of takedown.  Due to my flexibility, it was a bit of a challenge for Master Pravus to put me in compromising positions, but we both enjoyed ourselves a lot.  Actually, later in the day when we went home we quite enjoyed practicing the ties!  Here are a couple of pictures of some of the ties we learned.




The next class we had the chance to see was about bondage for people who are impatient.  We both really love that bondage can take time to do, but we thought it would be cool to learn some new quick ties.  Also we were able to pick up a couple of rope pointers in general.  The instructor of the class was someone I have admired on Twitter quite a bit, so it was really great to see him teach a class in person, because I’d never met him before.  We both really loved the class.

The final class we went to was about Duct Tape!  We don’t have a lot of experience with duct tape, and we thought it would be fun to go and see it in use.  We saw some things which were really, really fun as well as some things which we had not thought of before.  Master Pravus is excited to play with me using duct tape soon, he told me.

The duct tape class was the last class for us, and we were both really bummed because there were no more classes!  After dinner, we headed back to our hotel, practiced some of the new ties and takedown techniques we had learned over the weekend, and we took a hot bath together.  Then, Master Pravus had me work on this blog post.  Is this the whole con experience?  Well…  Not exactly.  It’s missing a few “juicier” details, but – I don’t blog about people without their permission, and as I didn’t ask for permission – some things will be just between me, Master Pravus and those people.  =^.~=  We are both really tired, and just a little bit in “drop”.  We don’t have any more events here at Sin in the City except for breakfast, and the Keynote brunch tomorrow, then we will have to wait a whole ‘nother year until the next Sin in the City – which we are only too excited to attend!  =^^=  Right now, we’re resting in our hotel room, and we’re going to go to bed soon.  Tomorrow we’re going to switch to a new hotel and begin the “Vegas Strip” portion of our vacation.  It is a little hard to have too much con drop when you have another week in Las Vegas ahead of you!  Hee hee.  I will write more soon.  MEW!

7 thoughts on “Hedonism Week Day 2, 3, and 4

  1. I envy you I have been dieing to go to Vegas for years but I don’t want to drive the 12hrs or spend 800.00 to fly when I can get 2 weeks at a hotel for 400.00. It’s too much money spent getting there and back. Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Murrrr, sounds like so much fun.

    Hehehe, VIOLET WAND! been exposed to a zappy from the same company, and i just gotta say. Melty Foxx, the sensations that thing gave me, had me sooooo worked up.

    never tried Jello shots before, but then i am not much of a drinker.

    was one of your rope classes by greydancer?

    hmmm, reading this has me a bit quivery thinking about things.

    1. @fyremane Yep! We are sooo excited about the Violet Wand. Master is having all sorts of fun with it. Zapping it like a mother fuck. He he. <3

      Yep, Greydancer taught a couple rope classes at Sin in the City! They were really great. =^^=

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