Hedonism Week Day 5

Tired.  Though, I guess each time I get around to blogging it’s the end of my day so I am pretty tired.  A good tired, though.  The kind of tired you get while on vacation out of state having a blast.  =^^=

This morning we got up ahead of our alarm again.  Not on purpose.  We just slept as much as we could and that wound up not being tons.  We packed up our bags, put them in the car and checked out of the first hotel on our trip.  We walked around the hotel (which was beautiful, by the way), and took a couple pictures here and there.  Mostly, it was just lovely walking under the trees, looking at the gorgeous facilities, and feeling Master’s firm grip around my wrist.  We hung out in the hospitality suite a bit before heading back to the hotel office to hang out while we waited for brunch.

At one point, I had gone to the restroom while Master stayed and was chatting on the couches with some kinky folks.  When I came back, I realized I didn’t have my lunch ticket with me!  I was a bit upset, but more worried that Master would be mad than anything.  I was disappointed that I let him down.  I had kept my brunch ticket in the lanyard that had my name badge in it, and I thought it had maybe fallen out.  Master had an unhappy look on his face, and he told me to sit down, look through my Hogwarts bag and he would go and see if I dropped the ticket somehow while we were walking.  He left the room, and literally maybe two minutes after he left I found the ticket, easily.  I probably went to remove something from the bag earlier and the ticket fell in.  I sat there, slightly frustrated.  There was a person next to me who just said “Your Master went that way!”  and told me I could probably catch up to him.

“I can’t.  He said to stay, so I have to stay.  Thanks though.”

The person on my right laughed, as though he thought I was just being lazy.

“No,” I said.  “Master said to stay.  I will be in big trouble if I don’t.  He’ll come back though.”  He stopped laughing.

Another person came by, alerted me that they had seen my Master and that I should go try to hunt him down.  Again I corrected them and told them that I could not, I was instructed to stay.  You wouldn’t think it would be hard for people to understand, but sadly, it was.  >.<  Grr!  I’m not lazy.  I just was told to stay still.  When Master came back though, he rubbed my nose and told me he was proud I stayed in my chair and didn’t give in to peer pressure.  Tee hee.


The keynote brunch was really inspiring and wonderful, and I hated to see it end.  When it did we said goodbye to some people that we’d made friends with.  We got in our car and travelled over to the next hotel on our list.  We can’t wait for next year.

The next hotel was really nice, though I’ve heard some bad things about it.  We’re staying at Excalibur, and everyone just seems to bitch.  Honestly?  It’s not a luxury hotel, but the bed is comfy, it’s clean, has a flat screen TV, safe, pools, shower is nice, etc etc etc.  The biggest problem we had with it was that they don’t give you conditioner.  Yep.  One of those combination shampoo and conditioner jobbies.  So yeah – not a lot to complain about.  At least, not right now.  We haven’t slept over night yet.  I’m just saying.  The hotel has a cool theme and it’s really nice inside.

Once we got to the hotel, we went upstairs to our room, checked the room out, and then went downstairs to get our luggage.  The only thing which got left behind was ZeeBee!  He was in the back seat instead of the trunk and the poor zebra was in complete disarray when we got to him.  Sad smile  I hope he forgives me eventually.  Poor Bastard.  >.<

We were both pretty tired, and we wound up spending three hours in the hotel room trying to relax a little bit.  I even napped here and there.  We had planned on going to the after party for Sin in the City, but it was clear that we were just too tired.  🙁  Sad times.

After a few hours, I was getting hungry so Master said we could go snack hunting.  We hunted down a personal pizza in the food court and Master shared it with me.  We walked around and got to look in all the little shops.  Some of them were really cool, and many of them had medieval themed things in them.  =^^=  While we were walking in between places, Master would grab my wrist at random intervals and practiced armbars on me.  I am a huge fan of this.  >:)

After we were done in the shops Master gave me some money to spend in the casino.  We played penny slot machines together for a little bit and we had a lot of fun.  While we were gambling, a waitress came up to us and asked if we wanted any cocktails.  She looked me right in the eye which made me really uncomfortable because I wasn’t sure how to respond, because I didn’t know what Master wanted me to do.  I asked Master point blank if he wanted me to have a drink and he said yes, and then ordered me a screw driver.  Hee hee.  He actually wound up ordering me another screw driver and a fuzzy navel before we were done.  He himself drank a couple of run and cokes.

After the slot machines, we were getting hungry.  Master already had told me that he wanted to go to Rainforest Café that night, so we went.  He had a burger and got me mushroom ravioli.  It was really tasty.  They even gave us a free glass because they messed up and brought us our appetizer after they brought us our dinner.  Not that we complained.  We don’t tend to make a big deal out of small goofs like that.

We walked around a little bit and got to go to the Luxor casino, which happens to be connected to Excalibur.  I found myself getting hit on a couple of times!  Hee hee.  No one likes me in real life as much as they do in Vegas.  Ha ha.  =^.~=  It was kind of fun flirting back.

Funny side note, there was a guy handing out coupons to get into a club for free and to get free vodka if you’re a chick.  He was all “Yeah, you get free vodka until midnight, I’ll give you a coupon for a free wrist band.”  I’m sure that he was giving out lots of coupons, it wasn’t like he was targeting hot chicks or something.  Anyway, I almost said to him “You know, I’ve already had three free vodka drinks here.  Your club sounds cool, but, that’s an awful long way to go for vodka!”  Ha ha ha.  I didn’t though.  I have the polite.

Dinner was really good, but we were both feeling very tired again.  We went back to our hotel and took showers.  I’m going to snuggle up with Master soon and we’re going to go to bed.  It was a fun day so far though.

7 thoughts on “Hedonism Week Day 5

    1. @fyremane Yep! The “Fun Dungeon” was quite.. Er.. Fun! We went last night. <3

      And I have been to one other Rainforest Cafe, in Florida. It was really cool both times we went.

  1. Least it wasn’t Cirus Circus that place is horrible. Curious why switch hotels while there when room rates are rock bottom everywhere ? Was it just the location ?

    1. @Ry Well, the first hotel we stayed in was not on the strip. We stayed there because the con we were going to was held there. We were hoping to stay at least one extra day, but the place was booked solid due to another convention coming in right after us. This was a couple months ago, when we booked the hotel for ourselves, anyway. So, that’s why we opted to switch Sunday.

      We thought it would be fun to stay on the strip, so we chose Excalibur. Originally, Master’s Mom was going to meet us on Friday afternoon, and she wanted to stay in another hotel (which she was also paying for, and so where or when she booked didn’t matter). Unfortunately, she cancelled on us a month and a half ago, and we had to find other plans. We called up Excalibur to extend our stay – but – ALSO unfortunately, NASCAR happens to be in town that weekend, and, prices would be triple to stay Friday and Saturday. SOOOO.. (LOL), We are going to stay at a third hotel that last weekend. It’s OK though, this way we get to see a couple different hotels, and I like how they are all themed, etc. =^^=

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