Hedonism Week Day 6

Blergh!  SLEEPY KITTY IS SLEEPY!  You know what the worst part is?  It is actually noon right now, and I am still quite tired.  >.>  Yesterday was a sort of experimental day for Master Pravus.  He wanted to see how late I could stay up to try to reset my internal clock.  He decided that he was just going to keep me up as late as humanly possible, and then he was going to have me shower in the morning, and work on my blog while my hair was drying, and he ran down to the laundromat.  So that’s where he is right now.  He’s at the laundromat while I write this.  I feel SO bad that he’s doing the laundry himself, but, I know he wants me to blog so I will.  I will say that writing up our days on our trip has been really tiring to me, mainly because by the time I get around to writing, I’m either eager to get going, or exhausted beyond belief and just want a nap.  Still, I’m glad I’m doing it, because it is making Master Pravus very, very pleased.  <3

Yesterday started off with a dreaded..  TIME SHARE!  Yep.  Bet you didn’t see that coming.  Well, the second we checked into our new hotel, we were flagged down (they are targeting couples), and they offered us free tickets to a list of any number of shows if we went to a short time share presentation.  Well, a few of the shows we were already planning on going to see were on the list, so we decided (why not), we’d go.  It was kind of early in the morning, but we figured that wouldn’t be a huge deal because nothing really exciting happens that early, you know?  Well, as you can expect (with any time share) it went about two hours longer than their “longest” estimate, and it was *SUPER FUN*, but we were fed breakfast, lunch, tea throughout, and were given our show tickets with nary a problem.  We booked it back to our original hotel.

Actually, yesterday was supposed to be a day when we stayed around at the hotel and just rested up.  After the time share though, we were feeling energetic (well, we had been sitting for hours), so we wandered around the hotel a little bit.  We had tickets to go to our first show that night, so we didn’t go very far.  Once we got back was about the time that Master Pravus decided he wanted to try to keep me up as late as possible, so he bought me a Starbucks and we mainly stayed fairly local.

At one point, we thought “Hey, let’s go get a few things for our friends back home”.  We had planned on buying a magnet, and some post cards.  While we were out, Master Pravus mentioned that he wanted to buy me an e-cig, but wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not.  I said that would be really fun, and I’d love it.  He took me to a store he thought had them, and when we got there, they told us they didn’t, but we’d have to go across the street, because they were definitely there.  This is how I learned how tough it is to cross the street in Vegas on foot!  Ha!  It’s not really a straight shot.  You have to go around, over foot bridges, down, etc.  It is a lot of walking.  We might have walked a mile total just to cross the street  (we were walking at a brisk pace about fifteen minutes each way), and since we both generally can do a mile in a fifteen minute walk, that’s what I’m basing that on.  Not that I actually measured it.)  For the rest of the day when we realized we needed to walk “across the street” we joked about how that may or may not be a huge endeavor.  Ha ha.

We got our disposable E-Cig, and we headed back to the hotel.  Master Pravus gave me a couple of dollars to gamble with in the penny slots because dinner was going to be soon (we had tickets to a show that provided dinner), and we wanted to stay local.  The machines ate all my dollars, so Master Pravus decided that he wanted to try going to a different casino (one that was connected to the one we were in).  We moved to the next place, and I won $20!  It was almost time to go to the show, so we packed up and started walking over.

The first show we got to see in Vegas was “The Tournament of Kings!”  JOUSTING!  YELLING!  EATING WITH YOUR FINGERS!!  PONIES!  Hee hee.  We were very excited.  We got into the line – and oh my goodness, we were just beyond shocked at how big the line was.  Crazy.  It didn’t really matter where you were in the line realistically though, because all the seats were assigned, which was nice.

As we were waiting in line, a woman came up to me and asked me where I got my kitty ears!  =^^=  (Side note:  this has been happening to me much more in usual, in Vegas).  Unfortunately, people have been asking me so often, that we were out of business cards.  🙁  I told her it was The Mewtique (which is like boutique), and she said she’d remember.  She walked away.  A few minutes later, while we were chatting away, she came back.  She had a guy with her, and she asked me “Where did you get your collar?”

Now, she called it a collar, and no one who is non-kinky ever does.  They all remark on how lovely my “necklace” is.  As she said collar, I knew that she was “One of us”, and I just said:

“From my Master, of course!”

It was really cool to find someone who was also kinky just randomly.  <3  We both were still slightly droppy from lack of Sin in the City, but that definitely gave us a nice little fix.  We chatted briefly about kink, etc, and it was really nice.  =^^=  Three cheers for kinky people out in the middle of strange vacation spots.

Anyway, as I said we were headed in to dinner, which also happened to be the first show we were to see in Vegas.  We went in, found our seats, and I ran up to the bathroom before the show started to make sure that I didn’t have to miss and of the fun.  When I came back, I nearly cried, as I saw that Master Pravus had purchased me a special present!


tournament of kings


There, sitting on the table, was a flower circle with pretty ribbons on the back for my hair!  It was such a sweet gesture, that I nearly cried.  I picked it up and put it on my head.  I will try to get a picture from the back later.  It was hard to take pictures in there because it was so dark, but I still think it was quite pretty, don’t you?  Master Pravus told me he wanted to get me red, but the lady wouldn’t give him one because we were in the “Ireland” section.  Boo!  Oh well, green brings out the color in my eyes anyway.  Not that you can tell from the camera phone picture in the poor lighting.

The show was really fun and exciting!  We got to yell lots, cheer for our team (Ireland), and eat with our fingers…  I guess eating with your fingers is a bonus (if you like that sort of thing).  It’s not that I didn’t know what I was getting into.  It’s more that – Master Pravus is the one who likes to eat with his fingers not me.  In fact, don’t tell anyone I admitted to this, but there are a couple types of food I don’t eat in front of other people purely because they are too messy, and I can’t stand for other people to see me eating messily (well, unless I’m drinking milk out of a bowl or something.)  In mock “protest” of the indignancy of eating with my fingers, I used two fingers only – on my left hand, to eat my dinner.  Ha ha.  Master Pravus honestly wound up eating most of my food.  Again, I knew what I was getting into, but it wasn’t exactly a dinner for me.  I was more interested in the show, anyway.  We were given tomato soup (which I did love!  Hell, even Master Pravus drank his, and he does not like tomato soup usually), then a platter with a small chicken on it (bigger than a cornish game hen, smaller than an average chicken), baked potatoes (which were actually pretty good, though he stole one of mine anyway), broccoli (which Master Pravus generously gifted me most of his), and a biscuit.  I do not like biscuits.  Master Pravus ate mine.  I also gave Master Pravus the legs off my chicken.

I don’t want to give away any of the secrets of the show, but it was very fun and exciting!  We were both screaming our heads off.  Our only complaint was that it couldn’t be longer.  <3  We had a lot of fun.  Poor Applepig went in the bag though when our food came out.  I did not want him to get dirty while we were eating with our fingers, so he missed most of it.  He’s pissed.  Ungrateful swine!

The rest of the night was a bit low key for us.  Master Pravus bought me the biggest iced tea you ever saw from Starbucks (and it wasn’t actually even their biggest size!  Geeze, that “medium” was bigger than my forearm!), and we walked over to MGM to see the lions.  Little did we know that the lion exhibit closed in 2011.  🙁  Boo.  Master Pravus was crushed.  While we were there we decided to gamble in the penny machines a bit more.  Master Pravus had several rum and cokes, and he gave me a few bucks to put into a machine.  I didn’t win.

We wandered around a little more, and he saw a machine he liked.  It was a Batman machine.  We have a little “rule” about gambling on slot machines.  We have a set amount of money to gamble with, period.  We only gamble penny machines.  Then, if we make double what we put it, we cash the ticket out, and Master Pravus will send me to the machine to get our money.  Then, he puts half of his winnings in his wallet, and the other (original) half can go back in a machine for playing with again.  I hope you guys could follow that, I know I’m half asleep, and it’s kind of complicated.  Anyway.  He put in $4 (just some change he had sitting around from the day), and didn’t really expect to win much.  Well, he easily won $10, so I ran back and cashed it.  I gave him $5, and he won $20!  I ran back and cashed it again, and this time, he won $30!  Not too bad for $4, huh?  =^^=  He gave me $5 of his winnings, and let me play one more machine before deciding that it was getting really late, and we might want to head back.  At that point, it was just after midnight.


vegas strip

It took us quite a while to walk back.  We got back around 1:20AM, and weren’t really in bed until 1:30AM!  Master Pravus told me I did a really good job staying up late, and I had to agree – 1:30AM was really quite an accomplishment for this morning kitten.

Master Pravus should be back from the laundromat soon, and I am very excited!  We have plans to do all sorts of things today, even a late night show starting at 10:30!  Whee!  MOAR VEGAS PLEASE!  <3

4 thoughts on “Hedonism Week Day 6

  1. Color me jealous! =p Master and i love everything about Vegas and it sounds like you’re having an amazing time!

    i’m bummed about the lion show, bleh! Tell your M that i am verrry sorry, please!

    i totally don’t blame you for not wanting to eat with your fingers, there are some things that are clearly not finger foods. =) Sounds like an awesome show though! =)

    ::Waits for more stories::


    1. Since she likes to torment me with Casa Bonita, I should add that we DID get to see the lions at MGM, and they were the greatest, most awesomest things I’ve EVAR SEEN!!!

      OK, maybe not THAT great…

  2. when I as last in Vegas, in 2001 me and my Wolf went and saw the lions, and even had our pictures taken with a cub, if your nicer ill share the picture with you someday kitty, its my old self though.

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