Leprechauns Came Part 2!

First off, I want to apologize for my absence again!  Stupid blog.  I love this thing, but it does seem to break down at the worst times.  For whatever reasons, my blog posts wouldn’t update and Master has been trying to figure out the cause.  The blog is mostly working again, so I shall post again!  <3  I’m taking a brief interlude from vacation blogging to post about St. Patrick’s day, but the vacation posts will resume tomorrow.

Last year was the first time Master had ever had me leave out presents for the leprechauns, and poor Apple Pig got stuck in the middle of a leprechaun prank!  🙁  This year, I left a green pillow, the Man Eater vibe (cause it was green), my Sin in the City poker chips, and a few more small little trinkets out for the leprechauns to play with.  Poor Apple Pig was scared after last year, so I let him come to bed with me and I hoped that the little “leprechaun trap” I left would be enough to protect the rest of the plushie horde.

Excited for the coming of the leprechauns, I awoke somewhat early and crawled out into the front room!  I asked Master if the leprechauns came, and he said he thought they had.  When I got out to the front room, I crawled to where I left the little leprechaun trap, and this is what I saw:

I Couldn't Fit Them All In One Picture.
I Couldn’t Fit Them All In One Picture.

st patrick's day 2

Turns out, the leprechauns struck again!  They left me Tinkerbell wall decals, stickers, a scratch card, and a bunch of my plushies even had little hats!  OMG!  Cthulhu with a St. Patrick’s Day hat?!  Priceless!  I love it.  Master had the day off, and we had a nice time together.  Apple Pig was absolutely pissed off that this year, the Leprechauns threw a party without him, and everyone but him got a hat.  Ha.  I wonder if next year he’ll want to stay out?  Poor pig.



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