Hedonism Week Reflections Part 2

One of the most terrifying and exciting things for me was our trip to the stripper club.  I had never been to a strip club before, mainly because I didn’t see the point.  I may not have so many women in my bed that I can beat them off with a stick, but I have seen plenty of cunt and boobies in my life.  Let’s not even get into the fact that Master Pravus’ parties are (and always will be) way cooler than any strip club ever.

But then, we were going to Las Vegas.  And, it did seem like Las Vegas would be a good place to break my stripper club cherry.  Whether or not it was all that fun, it would be pretty epic, anyway.  So, that’s what we set out to do.  Before we went to Vegas, Master Pravus had me choose one thing that I really wanted to do, and that thing wound up being the stripper club, so it was a guaranteed “go”.

Master Pravus had spent a lot of time researching the right club to bring me to.  We didn’t want to go to any that were super huge.  Master Pravus told me that the super big ones were more heavily regulated, and so often less fun.  He also decided that if we were going to a strip club, it had to be a fully nude strip club.  I told him that I didn’t care one way or the other.  The only thing which mattered to me was that I got a lap dance at a strip club in Vegas.  It was important to him, though.  I guess Master Pravus hasn’t been to any strip clubs which weren’t fully nude, though he says that’s because in Boston, they were all like that.  Vegas sure can be conservative when it wants to be.

Anyway, I’m not going to tell you guys the name of the strip club we went to, because I got a sort of “deluxe” lap dance, and I’m not 100% sure everything in it was totally legal.  ::Cough::  But, I digress.  We had our car with us, so we opted to drive.  Though, many Las Vegas strip clubs have limo service to and from, or just to.  Either way, driving was easiest for us.  Of course, on the way there, I was suddenly so terrified by the idea of going in, that I burst into tears.

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea!  We shouldn’t go!  Let’s just go play Bingo again!”

And, Master Pravus insisted that this was what I had asked for, and this was what we were doing, and as we pulled into the lot I dried my eyes and readied myself the best I could.  We were going in there one way or another.  I had asked for it, and I had gotten it, and I had better be a good kitty and suck it up.  I’m not even really sure why I was so terrified, but new experiences always cripple me a little bit.

Once we were inside, I was shocked to see that there was a metal detector.  I mean, it makes sense.  You want to make sure the girls are safe and everything, but I still hadn’t thought about it ahead of time.  I said to Master Pravus “I don’t think they’re going to let me in.”  The guy behind the counter was really nice and told me that it was pretty obvious that there was a huge chunk of metal around my neck and that I wasn’t packing a gun or knife.  Ha ha.  He let me in, and, Master Pravus gripping my wrist he brought us to a couple of chairs near the stage.

The stage had three poles on it, and it was nice to watch the girls dance.  They all started off with lingerie, and took clothes off as the dance went on, which was very sexy.  For some reason I was kind of thinking it wasn’t going to be very erotic.  Most people I know who have been to a stripper club just tell me that strippers aren’t very sexy or erotic, and they don’t like watching them dance, so I was watching for that.  I obviously can’t speak for all of the strippers everywhere, but the ones we watched were very hot on stage, and most of them had really good pole skills, too.

After a few minutes, Master Pravus made us move up to the stage area, and he gave me a couple of $1’s to put out for the girls.  I was soo scared, and soo nervous.  I think it winds up boiling down to respect.  I have a lot more respect than the average person for strippers, and I’m terrified I’ll do or say something to one of them that will get me written into the “worst patron ever” book.  I mean, I wanted to be respectful and cheer, but I didn’t want to be rude..  As I had never been to a strip club before, I was nervous on correct protocols, etc.  Every time Master Pravus saw a girl dancing who did something “fancy”, he would either tell me to put a dollar out, or he would put a dollar out for me.

“Ooh, that was nice.  Give her a dollar!”

>.<  God.  I felt so terrified.  If you put out money, they often interact with you, and that was so absolutely terrifying to me.  Also, when I’m really, truly nervous – you can tell.  I’m not exactly the “nervous inside my own head” type.  The first girl who we gave a dollar to smiled, crawled over to me, and  pulled down my dress a bit on top so she could motorboat me.  I almost died.

After a little bit, we were approached by a very pretty stripper.  I don’t remember her name, but I wouldn’t out her even with her stage name on here anyway.  That ain’t cool.  Anyway, she spoke directly to Master Pravus and asked who I was.  He answered that I was his slave, and it caught me off guard.  He doesn’t normally introduce me to strangers as his slave, but then again, we were in an adult setting.  Her eyes instantly perked up, and she told Master Pravus about all the kinds of dances, etc, she could give me if he wanted to watch us.

And then, I was following this gorgeous girl in super high heels while she lead us away to a dimly lit room with wide, red love seats.  I could tell by the look in her eyes as Master Pravus grabbed my wrist and lead me away with them, that she wished she had a playmate who would treat her roughly too.  She had told us that she was very kinky but there wasn’t a big scene out where she was, so she had wished that there were more people to play with.

The first dance Master Pravus bought me was a one song dance.  It was really private, and Master Pravus had to stay on a whole other couch just to watch me and her.  I won’t give you exact details of how everything happened between the stripper and me, but I was a lot less nervous in the one on one setting.  She did a full contact nude “session” with me.  I won’t say dance.  Really, no dancing occurred.  She just pressed her tits against me, teased me here and there, showed me her piercing jewelry (in her labia), let me touch her breasts, and butt, and stroke her back.  It was really nice.

After that, Master Pravus paid for a five song “dance”.  Again it was full body contact and nude.  She licked my nipples.  She rubbed her foot in my crotch over my panties, she teased my thighs, smacked my butt, bit my neck..   She did lots of things.  Lots and lots of wonderful things.

After my “dance” (in which no dancing occurred) was up, Master Pravus set me down in front of the stage with a stack of $1s, and he went back with the stripper and got himself a lap dance, too.  I was absolutely terrified being left alone in there, and right by the stage!  I didn’t want to be that close to the stage.  I wanted to curl up in the back of the dark club and just stare from a distance.

I watched the tail end of a girl finishing up her dance, and then another girl came out.  I (nervous as fuck) put a few dollars out here and there.  Eventually (what seemed like an hour went by) and Master Pravus came back out, at the end of this girl’s dance.  She crawled towards me on the floor, and gave me a full spread of her delicious cunt to look at, and she laughed and told me:

“You don’t have to be so nervous!”

And then came over, and did a split over the dollar pile we had left out for her.  For me, when people point out my absolute terror, it only makes it worse.  It makes me even more nervous and I just feel even more terrified.  >.<

Master Pravus had me go and buy him a drink, and we watched a couple more dancers before we had to leave.  We had tickets to another show that night, and were planning on going to Buca di Beppo first for dinner.  Going to the strip club, for me, was a big huge humiliating trip.  Did I like it?  Yes.  My panties were quite wet from fear alone.  Was it what I expected?  Not really.  I hadn’t thought I’d be allowed to touch the stripper during the lap dance, or that she would be doing some of the things she did to me.

The best part?  I had my septum horseshoe pulled for the first time..  By a stripper!  Woo!  <3  Do I want to do it again?  Yes.  Yes I do.  But, I admit I’m absolutely terrified even writing this.  It’s such a new situation for me to be in.  I’m sure if I went a couple more times, the humiliation would die, as it always does.  But, it’s still nice that there are new ways to humiliate me out there.  He he.

11 thoughts on “Hedonism Week Reflections Part 2

    1. @Ry It was a small-ish club. They Had a decent sized section for VIP dances, but the actual main room wasn’t huge. We went first thing when it opened up, so it was kinda empty. When we started to leave, it was starting to get busier. 🙂

  1. I hear this! I’ve been to a strip club once, with my previous Master, who bought me a lapdance that he could watch. It was super hot but I was sooo nervous too! I loved watching the girls at their poles and dancing, and even just chatting to them, but I was just like you, absolutely terrified!

  2. Your master must have picked a nice one. My sister is a stripper she said that’s way more then they are allowed to do here. Tho she might just be saying that to cover her tracks.

    1. @Schankin10 Yeah, she did a few more things, even, that I don’t feel comfortable mentioning in my blog. Master told me that he’s never seen a stripper give a “lap dance” like the one I got. Oh well. I can’t complain. 😉

  3. Im in CO to, and my husband and I have been to a few strip clubs a long while ago. The ones downtown have hotter ladies, I liked it, it was fun. One time I got a lap dance from a hot black girl and we did a few things that I dont think were allowed to do either! Then we went home and fucked like crazy. (Im a small girl and the manager on duty said I could go on stage if I wanted to, I cant even do a dance at home for my man!)

    1. @Sunnie The stripper who “danced” with me did mention that because I was a girl she could get away with more. Who knows. Sounsd like you had an amazing time too. He he. =^^=

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