Hedonism Week Reflections: Part 3

And, Hopefully this is the second to last of the Hedonism Week reflections, though it’s probably going to be a long one!  Hold onto your hats!


Here’s a breakdown of the remaining shows we went to, in order:

Fantasy.  Oh.  My.  Gawd.  AVOID!  AVOID!  AVOID!  We had seen tons of advertising and heard that Fantasy was really fun and enjoyable, and Master Pravus wanted to see a topless show in Vegas.  Okay, sounds fun, we’re in.  We decided to see Fantasy, and it was sort of a let down in soo many ways.  First of all, the show was an hour and a half, I think?  Well, about twenty minutes of that, total, included girls dancing.  Total bummer.  Don’t get us wrong.  The girls themselves were pretty, but they weren’t even dancing in sync.  Come on, girls.  Fantasy has been playing in Vegas for how long?  And when you’re dancing one of you is always a beat behind?  Let’s step this up.  It’s LAS VEGAS for crying out loud.  Anyway, the girls aren’t even there very much because what you’re going to have to deal with is a comedian who is (admittedly) sort of funny, but come on..  He uses the same jokes over and over in his routine, and he really didn’t have much to do with the show itself.  I could go on and on about why we didn’t like it, but those are the main reasons.  We would never go back to Fantasy.  NEVER.  >.<DSCF1901.jpg

Blue Man Group.  Whee!  Now shit starts getting fun!  Master Pravus had seen Blue Man Group before, back in Boston before I met him.  But, he always wanted to take me.  I was really excited to go.  The casino they were playing in even had a little parade about an hour before the show started, showing off some of the props used in the show.  It was cute.  Master Pravus got a video of it.  Not sure I’ll post it though.  The show itself was really entertaining.  It didn’t have any bits which you felt like you were sitting there waiting for the stage to be set up (see above Fantasy show), the entire thing was packed with just entertaining goodness.  We laughed constantly.  My only complaint has nothing to do with the show itself, but just I think they should put a warning for people who can’t be around strobe lighting.  Someone should have mentioned that when we were purchasing our tickets.  When the show started up, there was (something like) three or four minutes of constant strobe lights, and Master Pravus just turned over to me and instantly put his hands over my eyes.  Strobe lights + epileptic kitty = bad.  I mean, we probably would still have gone, but a warning as you’re purchasing them, or on the signs or something would have been appreciated.  I don’t want to give away bits about the show, but we both left feeling really giddy and laughing and going on about this skit or that.  Hell, Master still keeps laughing about one particular skit.  He he.  We would both love to go to another Blue Man Group show someday.  =^^=

Penn and Teller.  This was the last show we went to, and we both had a really great time.  Again, Master Pravus had seen Penn and Teller perform live years ago, and I had only seen them on TV once or twice.  I am a big fan of Penn outside of the show anyway since because Atheist.  I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from the show, but I found it to be wildly entertaining, really fun, and we would absolutely love to go again some day.  They sure do a lot of neat “tricks”, and I love that they don’t take themselves too seriously.  It’s really fun watching people who remind you constantly that none of the things they are doing are actual “magic”.  “These are all tricks.  None of them are magic!  Magic isn’t real!”  So fun.  So true.  So awesome.  Of course, at the end of the show, they did their famous bullet trick, and we were really shocked and excited in a good way.  =^^=DSCF1928

Shows aside, let’s see.  What other trouble did we get ourselves into?  AQUARIUM!  <3  I was really excited to go to the aquarium.  I thought it was nice.  Of course, being used to the Boston Aquarium sure has Master Pravus jaded.  Whenever we go to other aquariums he’s all “But, that was soo tiny!”  Yes, yes it is.  Do you have any idea how much higher your water bill is going to be in Las Vegas than it is in Boston?  Just saying.DSCF1908

Still, we got to see lots of neat animals, and I even touched a sting ray.  I seriously did not want to.  I always chicken out when I get to those sting ray tanks because, honestly, sting rays are kind of creepy looking.

“Want to pet one, Kitty?”  Master asked me.

“No.  Not really.”  I squirmed.  They were creepy and I was content to look and not touch.

“Come on Kitty.  You’re touching one.”



I think it took me something like five full minutes before I got my hand all the way to the closest sting ray possible.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  And, there was this giant one (with about two foot “wingspan”) staring me down right next to the one I was touching.  It freaked me out hardcore, and I didn’t wanna touch it.  But, I did!  Master Pravus was so proud, and he took a picture.  Lol.  It felt kind of like hard jello.  Really slimy and weird.  After that, I smothered my arm in hand sanitizer and we moved on to the last room, which was my favorite.  It had giant sea turtles.  I just kneeled for a while by one of the sea turtles and I enjoyed hanging out staring at him.  Master Pravus had me get up after a little while because he wanted to see what was in the next room.  Turns out the “next room” was the gift shop.  Boo!DSCF1938

Bacchanal Buffet.

If you ask Master Pravus how his trip to Vegas was, the first thing he’s going to mention is the Bacchanal Buffet.  It was a sort of crazy idea of mine.  We had been getting too tired to use up all of our “vacation budget” for each day (there is SO much walking, and my feet just weren’t holding up that well), and we were on our second to last day in Vegas.  The Bacchanal Buffet is a splurge, a big splurge.  It was $50 per person to get in, and you can buy other upgrades like liquor, caviar, etc.  Mind you, the $50 per person was because we were members of the rewards program at Caesar’s Palace.  (We signed up for a rewards card at almost ever casino we gambled in, purely because you could get discounts on food, etc).  If you’re not in the (free) rewards program, it was $65 per person.  We hadn’t splurged on anything that ritzy since our anniversary, when we went to the Cheesecake Factory a while back.

One Of Master's Plates at the Bacchanal Buffet
One Of Master’s Plates at the Bacchanal Buffet


I was in utter shock at the food they had.  Hell, if you wanted a full sized lobster, you could get it.  They had all sorts of things.  Tiny lasagna, high quality sushi and miso soup, tiny hamburgers, salad, fresh bread and cheese, various fruit and fruit salads, amazing soups, decadent deserts.  Master started taking pictures of his and my food plates, but then he got caught up in the eating part and gave up on pictures.  Fuck.  Neither of us have eaten like that in so long.  I mean, Hell.  I actually usually hate buffets, but this was just amazing.  Everything they had was top quality, and everything was in tiny portions so that you could try as many things as possible.  I was absolutely in shock over how delicious everything was.  I mean, almost everything I tried I was moaning over how good it was.  Master Pravus too.  Amazing.  Delicious!  FABULOUS!  Master Pravus has declared that any time we get to Vegas, we’re going to be sure to stop by the Bacchanal Buffet.  I’m actually not usually much for dessert, but it was so good, I went up twice!  We left the restaurant with our tummies full to the brim, and I wasn’t actually hungry until the next afternoon (for lunch)!  Ha ha.IMG_0466



While we were in Vegas, Master Pravus took me out to a super fancy sushi place, of course I can’t remember the name of it now.  He got me a bowl of miso soup, and an avocado cucumber roll.  It was the most delicious thing ever, and I have never had sushi that was so amazing.  Master Pravus had a bowl of pork fried rice, and he says it was the best he’s ever eaten!  Woo!  <3IMG_0429

Buca di Beppo.

We are huge fans of Buca’s, and we go there often.  When we realized that there was one in one of the hotels we were staying in, we were so excited to go!  From the outside looking in, it looked really cool and (as we were in Vegas) we figured it would be fantastic.  Master Pravus was not pleased at all.  I was OK, but Master Pravus just left there downright angry.  Whoever our waitress was, she was upset at us for wanting “plain” bread and not garlic (honestly, how else are we going to wipe up all the sauce that comes with the spaghetti, etc, and also MASTER PRAVUS DOES NOT LIKE GARLIC BREAD).  Our waitress was over-the-top rude, and almost never around.  🙁  We have never had them treat us so poorly in a Buca’s and Master Pravus especially was upset.  I was having such a good time in Vegas in general, that I didn’t let that get to me, but Master Pravus was really mad.  He even tweeted about it.  Maybe part of the reason I wasn’t so bothered was that he had bought me my favorite cocktail: a mint basil mojito.  Mmmm.  I was pretty relaxed.  Ha ha.


Drinking a Hot Chocolate, While Apple Pig Holds The Tip For The Drink Lady We Were Waiting On.
Drinking a Hot Chocolate, While Apple Pig Holds The Tip For The Drink Lady We Were Waiting On.

I know, I know.  Loving Bingo makes me an old lady at heart.  But, I do.  I have my own bingo bag, too, with a lucky cow, and a lucky lamb.  I have my own daubers and even my own dauber “grippers”.  I am a hardcore Bingo chick.  I don’t play that often though because I never got around to finding anywhere local to play.  When my parents used to camp on the weekends their campground used to have a Bingo hall and I would play there when we visited.  Now it is just a treat for the rare times we’re in a casino, etc.  Anyway, I had never done electronic Bingo, but we accidentally purchased an “electronic” Bingo package when we were signing up to play.  We were both a bit disappointed at first, but playing electronic Bingo was still pretty fun.  In fact, we even won!  Well, Master Pravus did!  He won $150.  He’s so lucky.  I’ve brought him to bingo in a casino twice, and he’s won both times.  After Bingo, we had gone to that casino’s buffet, and then we had gone to gamble a little bit on random penny machines.  Master Pravus, crazy guy he sometimes is, put a $5 into a machine, hit max bet, and right when he was about to hit the button I mewed “What’re you doing!”  and he hit the jackpot and won $100.  That’ll learn me to keep my mouth shut.  Ha ha.  Not a bad day, I’d say.


When we were on our way to see Penn and Teller at the Rio, we had arrived just when there were pirate ships going through on the top of the ceiling!  It was really exciting, and they had people throwing beads to random people in the place.  Woot!  <3IMG_0480

Hmm, I’m maybe forgetting a thing or two.  I’ll show this to Master Pravus, and if he thinks I need to add in anything else, I’ll add them into the lastest post.  <3

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