Hedonism Week Reflections Part 4

And so we come to the final installment in my vacation blogs.  I am frustrated that it took so long to get this posted, but my blog sort of “broke” while we were away, and there kept being issues with publishing posts.  Thank goodness for Master Pravus being so good with technical stuffs, or else I would probably never blog again (too hard to fix blog issues).

Anyway, there were lots of things on the trip that were wonderful, as you can tell from my last post.  A couple of things which were memorable but maybe don’t have their own big post, etc were:

  • A sweet old lady telling me I was her “Good luck charm” once while we were playing matching slot machines right next to each other.
  • Master Pravus attaching a sort of “slot machine leash” from the machine to my various dresses.  It wasn’t a true “leash”, but it made us both grin and we thought of it that way.
  • Seeing Master Pravus (randomly) do a one handed cigarette light.  I almost creamed my panties.  It was one of the hottest things I have ever seen in my life, and the entire trip had lots of sexy cigarette and cigar moments for me.
  • Finding a new vein for blood play while at the Sin-In-The-City convention.  We are eager to use it for fun soon.  >:)
  • Gondola ride with my beloved.
  • The ride both to and from Last Vegas was very beautiful, though a lot more beautiful on our way out than on our way back.  It would have been more beautiful on the way back if we had left earlier in the morning, like we did on day one.  Most of our trip wound up being in the dark of night on the return trip, but we still did see so many lovely sights.  (Except in Utah.  No disrespect to anyone who lives there, I’m sure it’s a lovely state – but the bits we travelled through didn’t really even have gas stations let alone anything beautiful to look at.  We were mostly staring off into barren flatlands.)

Recovering from the trip?  This was one of the hardest trips to recover from, honestly.  Hard livin’ is, well..  Hard.  I am almost never allowed to have caffeine, but on the trip I had caffeine almost constantly.  Then, when we came home, Master Pravus let me have a bit of tea here and there, but nothing like on the trip.  >.<  The day after the trip we were supposed to just relax and be together.  As I mentioned before, we usually go out to eat somewhere nice on our final day of whatever trip.  We were just both totally too exhausted even to do that. 

We slept until about normal time (we suck at sleeping in late), and at one point, we stumbled out of the house to go to the local grocery store and pick up a couple little things (there was less than zero food in the house), and we ate maybe one meal in between the sleeping.  It was kind of funny, because Master Pravus would sit me down in front of the Xbox, or he’d put a movie on, etc, and before we knew it, we were both dozing off.  Actually, the dozing off went on and off for about three days, and it wasn’t until a day or two ago that our sleeping schedules finally synced up again.  It’s kind of hard going from staying awake until two or three AM to going to bed at 10PM, but we managed it.

So, that’s how things are.  We’re back to our version of “normal”.  Neither of us are bummed at all about how we’re not on vacation anymore, which is a common problem for us.  We don’t really have “vacation drop”.  Not that we really have time.  There are way too many things going on this year, anyway.  As I mentioned before, we have a wedding to go to, and maybe one or two more things coming up.  I try not to get too ahead of myself.  For now, I’m just feeling so stress relieved and happy.

Mew mew mew!  <3

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