Pardon Our Dust

This blog was really something Master Pravus wanted me to start, a couple of years ago, and at first I was really excited about it.  He wanted a blog post per day though, and honestly – some days that is really hard for me with all the other things that I also am required to do.  I did it in the beginning though, even on days I didn’t want to.  Now, I do it because it’s something I have grown to love doing regardless of whether I feel tired or bogged down by chores.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, since we got home from Vegas this blog has been falling apart here and there.  So, until Master has a chance to set it up with a new host, it won’t be updated, and it may look funny from time to time.  We don’t plan on this taking more than a week or two (hopefully!), but I didn’t want anyone to worry while the blog wasn’t being updated that I had gotten hurt or something again.  I’m just fine, it’s just that the blog isn’t playing nicely.

So, I’ll be back super soon, and in the meantime, here’s a picture of a (AFF) butt plug in my ass.

Plugged Ass

See what I mean?  That was supposed to be a picture that Master took during a recent play session, but now my silly blog isn’t even allowing me to upload pictures and I had to resort to Tumblr.  Hrumph.

Also, here’s a link to the Mewtique because shameless self promotion.

I hope to be back soon!  This blog has become such a part of my life that it really bugs me when I can’t update it like I want to.  ::Sad panda face::

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3 thoughts on “Pardon Our Dust

    1. @Gaspar The funny part of actually doing that is that I have enough butt plugs not to repeat them for at least a full week of photos. All different colors, materials, etc. =^^= Lol!

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