Is This Thing On?


I’m baaacccckkk!  Yep, I know – I know.  I said I thought it would be a week or two.  I did.  But, Master Pravus has been working sixty hour weeks and the blog transfer wasn’t as quick or painless as we were hoping it would be.  If you read my blog with any sort of frequency, you might remember how last year we tried to transfer this blog to a new host, and it didn’t work out.  It took about six months then too, but we had nothing to show for it when we were done.  Well, I know it took about six weeks this time, but at least the blog is working well now, and shouldn’t be having many issues from here on out.  Fingers crossed, anyway.

Things have been crazy over the past few weeks.  I blogged offline about some of it, and I will be publishing those posts in the next few days, because some things are too important not to blog about.  (Maybe some of you won’t see these things as important, but they are to me and Master Pravus, and that’s the important part.)

For now though?  Today is my birthday, and we have already celebrated it.  Master Pravus asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, and he sort of nudged me in the “go to the zoo” direction, when I was having trouble between deciding if I wanted to go to the zoo, or if I wanted to hike up Mt. Evans.  He pointed out that we had been to Mt. Evans before, and there would be time to go later in the summer, but I can’t be out in the super hot summer sun very much at all, so saving the cold mountain for another day was a good plan.

Tomorrow’s blog will be about the zoo.  Actually, Master Pravus says that we can go to the zoo tonight too!  The zoo closes at 6pm, and since he gets out of work at 3:30, we’re going to nip on down and explore the animals a bit.  When we went to the zoo on Sunday he bought us a membership so that we could get in and out of the zoo as much as we wanted for a year.  Actually, we only got through a very small portion of the Zoo on Sunday because it is so huge.  Before we moved to Colorado, we used to belong to the Museum of Science, and we would go all the time, sometimes two or three times per month.  It’ll be fun to belong to another cool place like that again.  We are thinking of becoming members of Denver’s science museum too, but there’s no rush.  🙂

So anyway, yep!  It’s my birthday!  And yep!  I’m back!  And:  YAY ZOO!  Watch this space, because the blogs should be coming in on a steady basis again, unless something extenuating happens.



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