Bed Time, How I Miss You So

You know, back when I was given a bedtime, I really didn’t want one. It wasn’t that I wanted to disobey, but, more that I didn’t want to miss out on time with Master. (LINK) It took me a long time to adjust to the idea of bedtime, but eventually, it started to work out to my advantage in a lot of ways. It helped my insomnia ( I’ve been told one of the best things you can do for insomnia in the long run is to develop a routine, so that your body gets used to going to bed at the same time each day.), it made me more productive during the day, and it let me wake at pretty much the same time. (Master Pravus doesn’t have a specific time he has me wake up, unless we need to be somewhere at a certain time or something).

But, since Master Pravus’ schedule has been haywire, so has our sleeping. At first, he was home around 10PM each night, and 10PM is my official bedtime anyway, so I would just make sure my teeth were brushed and I was ready to go to sleep right at 10PM on his late nights. But then, it wound up getting closer to 10:15, and then 10:30, and now some days it’s even 11PM!

It’s kind of funny to me how, of all the things we do – me waiting for him to eat before I do, (xxx) piss play, him cutting on me with scalpels, (xxx) foot stuff, electro play.. Having a bedtime is the biggest thing people seem to take offense to. If you look back at previous posts, people seem to be really upset when I mention having a bedtime. I also get emails that go on about how our relationship is so appealing, but they don’t know how I can stomach having a bedtime.

I never thought I’d miss having a bedtime, but the truth is that it just makes it so much easier for me to function. I’m not a late night person (though, I can change my schedule like I have now, but as you can see it wreaks havoc on everything), and I miss going to bed at 10, even if Master Pravus himself doesn’t always go to bed with me. It is one thing I look forward to having again now that he’s working less.

Mew ::yawn::

3 thoughts on “Bed Time, How I Miss You So

  1. That’s really bizarre that people would bash ya for having a bedtime. @_@

    I have one not only for insomnia also (curse it!! *shakes paw*) but it plays into my ageplay dynamic a bit so it’s a win-win situation! I defnitely also feel ya on the “missing out” if I sleep bit, too. Almost like a wee one, I fight it to the very end.

    1. @Vanille Yeah, it’s like, the biggest point of contention between me and people criticizing the way I live. ::shakes head:: Oh well. There are definitely nights where I wish I didn’t have a bed time, but overall it has been immensely helpful to me in lots of ways, and I am happy to acquiesce to Master in this way. I feel you on it playing into your age play dynamic too. Makes sense to me. 🙂

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