The Day I Ruined The Toilet

“Thanks a lot, Kitty.” Master Pravus was wearing his boxers and nothing else, and he spoke very sarcastically.

“Er.. What did I do?” I asked slowly.

“You RUINED your toilet. Great job. Well, at least it’s safe from me soiling it with foul Masterful poo!”

He cracked a smile.

“You don’t like my fairies, then, I take it?”

“Cute idea. But, now I can’t sit my ass down on the seat for anything.”

And, we laughed and joked, and I thought I had been so clever. See, the leprechauns had brought me those Tinkerbell decals, and Master Pravus suggested putting them in my bathroom. I had no idea where they would go as most of the wall had tiles, and I wasn’t sure it’d be okay to put the little stickers on the mirror. (Sometimes those wall decals come off easier on the wall than a mirror or other surface.)

What do you think? Did I soil the toilet with my stickers? Would you still use it? ::Giggles::


6 thoughts on “The Day I Ruined The Toilet

    1. @MomoNoHanna Well, it isn’t *exactly* my bathroom. It’s the bathroom in the dungeon, but since I cam in the dungeon and therefore use that bathroom a lot, it is sort of nicknamed “kitty’s bathroom” and Master lets me decorate it. =^^=

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