Septum Piercing

My septum has been pierced for a little while now, and it wasn’t until about a month after I pierced it that I was able to go on cam with it. Well, getting that horrible flu followed by a huge giant vacation will do that to you. I have to admit, that even though I love this piercing, and I love how it looks on me, and how Master Pravus plays with it, and pretty much everything about it, there’s always that little niggling voice that makes me worry a bit. I don’t really care about what my friends think of it. I mean, I haven’t had any of them tell me they didn’t like it (though, I’m sure some do, and are just being polite because why be a negative Nancy, huh?) but more, I was worried about caming.

See, I’ve been caming for a long time now, and I have built up a lot of regulars who expect to see me a certain way. While I wasn’t going to take the piercing out for a couple of people on cam, there was this little moment of “OMG WHATIFALLMYREGULARSHATEMENOW!!” Luckily, I have only had good feedback on it, and all was well. =^^=

Actually though, even Master Pravus noticed that the ring is just too big for my face. It’s impossible to flip up (like, for doctor’s appointments, etc), and it will sometimes get in the way if I’m eating. (Usually something that requires you to open your jaw pretty wide, etc.)  Here’s a slightly blurry picture from Vegas which is close-up enough for you to see what I mean.


We had decided we weren’t going to change the jewelry for at least one year, because I’m a slow healer in general, but Master gave me permission to change it once. It has been more than eight weeks since we got it pierced, and honestly, the bulk of the initial healing is done. Now we’re at the phase where you’re waiting for the hole to toughen so that if you take it out it won’t close up overnight. Still. Master Pravus decided we’re changing it this one time, and then the new jewelry will sit for good or ill until the duration of the healing is complete.

And, here is a slightly hunched over picture of me at the zoo (to keep the umbrella on while I ate) which is also close up enough to hopefully prove my case:

orange kitty

Nothing like jewelry that’s the right size.  Master Pravus loves this new horseshoe a LOT more than the old one.  He is constantly telling me how happy he is that we got a smaller horseshoe, and how cute he thinks it looks on me.  A lot of times a piercer will fit you with a slightly larger piece of jewelry initially because most piercings swell a little – but septums are notorious for not swelling.

The woman who pierced my septum only carries one size septum ring period though, so we’re at the point where it’s up to us to fit it a bit better. I like it though. I can’t wait for it to be fully healed. How much fun would it be to wear a ring for play time that Master Pravus could attach to things and otherwise easily pull on? ::dreams:: But, we’ve got a couple more months before we get there. =^^=

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