Serenade Sunday


Master Pravus was playing Xbox 360 while I was working on my blog.  When I had finished a recent post, I told him I was done if he wanted me to read it to him.  (He likes it when I read posts to him).  He came in the room, and what he saw was this.  He said it was the most adorablest thing ever.  I told him Serenade always does that when I am blogging.  (That’s why I usually lock her out of the room when I am blogging.  It makes it easier.  It was so cute, he said, that he had to get a picture.

So there we are, “mommy” and “furbaby”.


And to think, when we first got her, I thought she wasn’t going to be a “lap cat”.  Turns out, almost two years later, she’s totally a lap cat.  <3 <3 <3

3 thoughts on “Serenade Sunday

    1. @Lea Oh no.. 93 degree heat makes me cringe. Luckily we have A/C, but I would totally cry if she tried to curl up on me when it was that hot.

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