New Docs!

doc martens 2

Okay, I don’t normally write blogs about every pair of shoes I get, but – this pair is special.  Master has long been a fan of Dr. Martens boots, and he has owned several pairs which I enjoy taking care of.  (If you’re wondering why his pair above isn’t shiny, it’s because they are winterized, and not spit shined.)  I have always thought Docs looked nice, BUT, I prefer something in the stompier aesthetic.  The boots shown in this post are my current favorite.  They have a nice, chunky platform heel, and I wuvs them.  BUT, as I sublux the toe I broke last year every time I wear heels, I needed something that was going to be closer to the ground.  And actually, I wanted something specifically to wear to my brother’s wedding in September.  I thought the acid pink would go really nicely with my black velvet dress.  So, I ordered them.

And then they arrived.  I was so excited.  I tried them on, and it was like magic!

doc martens 1

They fit like a glove.  As I said I had never owned this brand of boot before, I had gotten a pair of black and pink striped knee high socks to break them in, and Master Pravus made me change to the ones pictured because they were thicker (for breaking them in).  Once per week we go out to dinner together, but there isn’t a specific day, it changes a lot.   He was so excited seeing me in my Docs that he said we should go out that night, to celebrate.  <3  So, I got dressed up and out we went.

Master Pravus couldn’t stop talking about how excited he was that I had my own pair of Docs.  “My kitty is following in my footsteps!”  “They look like they were built just for you!”  Squee!

I had to admit, they were the absolute most comfortable boot I have ever worn, and I didn’t want to take them off.  I’m planning on shining them every week from now until the wedding (and not wearing them until the wedding again, because they are pink, so I don’t think they will be as easy to keep pristine as black boots), and I’ve got plans to buy a black pair of Dr. Marten shoes now.  I’m in love!

8 thoughts on “New Docs!

  1. Oh my gosh, those are absolutely adorable. I love the picture where they are shown beside your Master’s boots for comparison, so tiny and cute hehe.

    1. Thank you @Lea! <3 I don't know if I would normally wear pink socks with the pink boots (seems like overkill to me), but they weren't bad for breaking them in.

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