Double Tourniquet

That day, we both had to have blood drawn, from two different blood drawing labs. He was getting his drawn from his normal doctor’s office, and I had to have mine drawn at a specialist’s office. Master Pravus was sitting in the chair, and I was chatting idly with the phlebotomist.

At some point, Master Pravus mentioned how awful it is to draw blood from me. “Oh, yeah,” says the (new to phlebotomy) phlebotomist “You just got to put the tourniquet on tighter. The tighter the better, sometimes I even like to put two tourniquets on at once.”

“Actually, that’s wrong,” I pointed out. “The phlebotomists who put the tourniquet on as tight as they can almost never get any blood drawn from me. You got to put it on somewhere in the middle.”

I could tell she wasn’t believing me. I mean, when you were in school (I thought in my head), didn’t they teach you that too tight will shut off blood supply to the artery and make it harder to draw?

Master Pravus chimed in with: “It’s true, the people who put tourniquets on too tightly never get blood from her. You don’t want to stop blood flow from the arteries in the arm, you just want to help dilate the vein.”

And then, we quickly changed the topic, because we realized, we had absolutely no real medical background and we didn’t want her to go asking questions on why or how we know these things.

Oh, you know.. We just have a mild *cough* interest in blood play and venipunctures. *Cough attack* Yeah, that’d go over well. Sometimes I think I should be a phlebotomist because I seem to know more about these things than a lot of the new-bloods (pardon the expression) that seem to draw blood from Master Pravus or myself.

Not to mention, Master Pravus has the juiciest, plumpest veins in the entire world, and the woman managed to miss them. Fucking Hell. That has never happened before. Ever.

Got to love when your kink knowledge bleeds over into the non-kink world, huh? I swear to gawd I’m not doing all these puns on purpose. They just sort of needle to stop though, huh? Stopping, stopping, I swear.


3 thoughts on “Double Tourniquet

  1. Heh, I understand. I’ve got rolling veins that are deeper than they appear. Most blood draws for me have to happen in the tops of my hand with a butterfly anymore. I got tired of them digging around to catch them.

    1. @Harper Thanks. 😉 I don’t usually say anything at all unless I have both experience and book knowledge to back it up. I can’t believe some people though. “As tight as possible?!” What on Earth are they teaching phlebotomists these days?

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