Stingy VS Thuddy


There was a time when I would have told you that I didn’t like stingy pain, and I was more of a thuddy person. Now, I see them as just two different types of sensation that I have learned to like quite a bit. I started out loving thuddy sensations, and I probably always will.  Over time though, I have found myself enjoying more and more sting.

I have identified as a masochist for a long time, and I will freely admit that there are types of pain which I don’t like (I really abhor being “flicked” either on my nipples or clit. Sure, you can do it, and sure, I’ll be a good through it. Just ask Master or any of my past play partners. But, it is a pretty good way to turn me off, and ensure that I either won’t be able to cum, or you’re basically going to have to start all over again, which prolongs things), but I also admit that there are a lot of sensations I have grown to love.

One thing which is sort of annoying to me is when Master and me will go to a convention or a sex toy shop in person with the intent to buy something for impact play. The sales person will almost always ask me if I prefer sting or thud. Does it matter what I prefer? Ask my Master what he prefers to hit me with. Master will usually chime in with “thuddy”, but I’m always quick to point out that I will equally take stingy. I used to see stingy as an annoying sensation, but now, it is like asking me if I’d prefer to have a cupcake or a brownie. I mean, I love cupcakes. I love brownies. Why choose?

What is the difference, (for me)? Well, I find that with thuddy types of pain, I feel this intense wave of pain through all my tissues, depending on where I am hit – sometimes I feel it to the bone. For example, if Master is paddling my ass with the big wooden paddle, I will always feel it down to the bone. It is a crushing and unforgiving type of pain. I frequently mark with it (depending on where you hit me), and I feel it as a deep sensation. I love it.

Stingy pain is different. I feel it as a very surface-y type of pain. I rarely mark from it, and it is more of a sharp sensation. The worst part of stingy pain (for me) is the itching! It makes me feel itchy wherever it is applied, especially on my calves. I’d much rather have my calves hit with a big thick paddle than a crop or a thin little cane, but I do enjoy both sensations.

Both types of pain will leave me with warm skin which throbs and feels amazing – given enough time. Both types of pain will get my into subspace (if that is Master Pravus’s goal). Both types of pain will make my cunt gush. Both types of pain feel wonderful to me.

Cupcake or brownie? Both please!

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