The Day I Became An Ashtray (On The Porch)


It all started with a trip to the zoo.  We have been going there a lot lately to walk around.  It is a great place for long walks as it is paved, and we’re members, so we can get in all we want.  PLUS, you can’t really lose by doing your walking near a lion, can you?  =^^=  After the zoo walk, there are a few stores which are kind of far from our house (about a half hour drive, same as the zoo), but close to the zoo, that we decided to pick a couple things up from.  We went to the stores, and then we stopped at a gas station which we know has clove cigars.  Master Pravus loves cloves so he parked and asked me if I wanted to go in with him or stay in the car.

“Will you buy me a treat if I go in there?”

“Sure!”  He told me.

I laughed and said they wouldn’t have anything I wanted anyway – I mean, it was a gas station after all.  Gas station food is gross, and they don’t have much in those small gas stations besides drinks, food, and smokables.  We went inside, and Master Pravus brought me into the cigar room, which had more cigars than I had ever seen in my life – in one room.  Master Pravus was shocked I’d never been to a cigar shop and promised to take me to one, someday.  He picked out a cigar, bought his cloves and we left and went home.

When we got home, he told me to switch to my vest and to not get undressed or take my shower yet.  He told me to put lotion on my hands, and to get my Tigersquash.  I did.  He himself got a small bowl with a wet towel in it, the cigar, and a bottle of water.  I assumed I was going to go watch him smoke the cigar, so I asked him if I could bring the camera (to take pictures of him smoking with).  I love watching him smoke.  =^^=  He said “Of course.”  And I went out on the porch.

On the porch next to ours, there were three or four guys talking and smoking themselves.  I think they saw us go out on the porch because they all stopped talking to turn around and look at us.  We weren’t doing anything offensive at that time, so they turned back to their smokes and conversation.  Master Pravus had me put my Tigersquash down in one spot, and then had me move to one other.  Then he had me kneel and hold my hands out in front of me in a bowl shape.


(Note:  The flash made me squint a bit here, because it was super dark out when we took the picture.  Also note:  I’m wearing icky workout clothes as we had just gone for our walk and I was told not to change yet.)

He realized he left something inside, and, instead of having me get it, he told me to stick my thumb out.  I had no clue what he was going to do, but then, he put the cigar in between my thumb and hand so I could hold it while it was burning (like a “real” ashtray.  He came back and took the cigar from me, and smoked it.

He pointed out that he liked watching my eyes “track” the cigar.  I couldn’t help it.  I knew what was going to come, and I was nervous and excited!  After he had a respectable amount of ash, he got close to me, and I got really scared.  I knew I was to keep my hands still, but, there is this point where your body tries to protect itself.  It is hard to describe, but, my brain was saying “NO!  You stay STILL!”  And my body was fighting me, trying to move my hands away.  As a result, my hands would move about an inch to the right, and my brain would pull it back an inch to the left again.  It’s hard to describe, but Master Pravus thought I did a good job. 

My small movements were not enough to prevent him from flicking his ash into my hand.  I was terrified in those few moments as the ash fell, and then – relieved that I had made it.  I may have fidgeted a little bit, but I did not let the ash fall, and I did not get burned.  Yes, it was hot – but no, it did not leave any burn marks in my hands.  Most important to me and Master Pravus was that, overall, I did a reasonably good job at staying still, for my first time.  I will learn with practice, and I will get even better at being his ashtray in the future, I just know it.

Master Pravus said he loved watching me get scared, but loved it even more that I fought my body and stayed reasonably still – still enough to catch the ash.  After a while, I asked it I could sit crossed-legged, because my legs were going numb.  Master Pravus obliged me, but said I had to keep my hands in an ashtray position while I moved.  I did so, slowly.  I did not drop any ashes.


We stayed outside for a while, me, feeling ridiculously proud of myself, and Master Pravus, looking particularly relaxed and happy.  By the time we were done, my arms were really sore from holding them in the position for so long.  When Master Pravus said we were done, I asked him if I could smoosh the ashes.

“You’ve been dying to smoosh the ashes, haven’t you, Kitty?”

I blushed a little.

“Go ahead Kitty, just do it over the side of the railing so that you don’t leave a mess.”

So, I did.

“Did you like your gas station treat, Kitty?”  he asked me.

“Yes.  Thank you, Master.”  I replied.  <3  I will hope for more gas station treats in the future if they are all going to be this great.

Then we went inside and I took my shower and we went to bed a little while later.  It was so wonderful.  Having the neighbors on the next porch over made me a little nervous, but it was very dark, and I don’t think they saw anything.  <3  I can’t wait to do it all again.

2 thoughts on “The Day I Became An Ashtray (On The Porch)

    1. @gaia For me, it is similar in that I am being used as an object, but, as the object is a different one it is not the same if that makes sense. =^^= I habe served as a stool in a few different ways: bound at the arms and legs, or not bound, and knowing that I must stay put anyway. I really love objectification though, and I love being furniture. 🙂

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