Coloring Books and Kitty Ears

coloring books

A funny combination, I suppose. What do they have in common? Basically, I’ve almost never purchased either kitty ears or a coloring book for myself. It’s funny, but, when I was first getting into pet play with Master Pravus, it was obvious to more than one of my kinky friends that I did have a little buried inside, and that, she tended to come out in my kitty girl self. That’s not to say that Master Pravus and me do much age play at all. We really don’t, and as far as I can recall, we haven’t personally put them together in the bedroom. (Though, I’ve done this with one other partner back before we moved, and it did make Master Pravus a little bit uncomfortable).

It’s taken Master Pravus a little bit of time to grasp that age play was something we could participate in. Not that he’s ever been offended by others playing this way, but age play did make him a bit uneasy. It certainly wasn’t something I “required” in any type of relationship, and I hadn’t done much with it either.

As time has gone on, there have been moments like the one where he has gone out of his way to buy me a sippy cup to cheer me up. He’s also admitted he thinks it’s cute when I dress “little”, and he enjoys seeing me with a pacifier in. Though, we lost my pacifier when we moved, and it’s just not something we’ve replaced yet. Not that we’re opposed, but age play isn’t a big kink for us, so it just hasn’t been a priority.

One thing I have grown to love about age play is coloring with Master Pravus on the porch summer. He will set me up with colored pencils and he’ll sometimes pick a coloring book, and sometimes let me pick. Then, he’ll choose a picture and tell me what to color each item:

“Good Kitty, now color Hello Kitty’s hair bow blue.”

It’s relaxing, and helps pass the time in the wretched heat of the summer months.

I’ve always enjoyed coloring, because I find it to be really relaxing, whether or not it puts me in a little head space. (And that depends on other activities, clothes, food types, etc). The funniest bit though is, when people tend to give me presents, like, random presents – they tend to be either a coloring book, or a kitty ear headband. I guess this is funny to me because other people see bits of you that you don’t always see yourself. Hell, even at my first job, back before I did any kind of “formal” kink, my manager bought me a coloring book for X-mas.. And it was a Spongebob coloring book, not even an “adult” one. It’s just the way it always has been.

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