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Every year I get my hair cut – once.  I mean, I don’t have the patience for actually styling my hair.  It’s either up in a pony tail (maybe pigtails if I have the time), or it’s in a bun.  If I go swimming, I’ll braid it, just so I don’t have to deal with it making a mess when I get out of the water, and generally, when I am about to have sex I wear it down.  Though, 99.9% of the time, it’s just up in a pony tail so I don’t have hair in my face. 

I get really annoyed with people constantly telling me to wear it down.  “Ooh, it’ll look so good down!  Wear it down for once!”  I wish people would just stop bugging me about it, ‘cause it ain’t gonna happen.  Now, if Master Pravus wanted my hair down it would be a different story.  Anyway, that’s a rant for another day.  ::Grumble::

new hair

But anyway, regardless of my hair style, I typically cut my hair once in the summer, because then it’s a lot easier to deal with while I’m swimming, plus it helps you stay cooler in the awful heat.  I went to the hair dresser, and I told her I just wanted it cut about shoulder length, and to make it all one length.  NOT longer in the front and shorter in the back (which she asked me specifically about), not layers, no bangs.  I just want my hair to be one length, because 99% of the time I’m pony-tailing that fucker. 

I had so much hair (I always do, since I basically grow it out all year), that she asked if she could donate it.  Fine, I says.  (They always donate it, and I am always happy to donate it, which is another reason why I always cut my hair once per year).  She braids my hair, pony-tails my hair, and cuts it off – about the length I had discussed with her.  And then, she had to even it out, and she wound up taking another two inches off of it.  :/  Grr. 

It’s not that I don’t think I look good with short hair, I do – but I can’t sleep unless my hair is fastened in some way, so I was instantly annoyed that it was going to be too short to put in a ponytail.  It’s just hair, and mine grows pretty fast – in one or two months I’ll be able to do a ponytail again.  Of course, she also made it a lot smaller in the back than the front.  ::sigh::  I mean, it’s a really easy hair cut – cut it all one length, and leave it long enough for me to put in a pony tail.  You do fancy cuts all day, and you can’t do this?  Happens at least half the time I wind up getting my hair cut.  Come on, people.  Get it together.

But, as soon as I went to the front to meet Master Pravus, he started telling me how much he loved it, and thought it was super cute!  Yay!  So, even if it’s a bit short for my liking, I can deal.  Plus, it’s sort of too short for a pony tail, but I can do a couple of cute little pigtails near the bottom of my head (once it grows maybe two or three inches I could do them on top), and Master Pravus LOVES it. 

He is constantly going on about how cute it looks and touching and playing with my hair.  So, I guess I like it too.  I mean, my main issue was that it was too short, but it will grow back.  Not to mention – Master Pravus loves it, so that’s an instant win.  AND, I donated it, so some child with cancer will get a wig with my hair on it, and that’s something to feel good about too.

sex hair

And here’s a shot of me with “after sex” hair.  You can see some hickeys too.  Heh.  You know, we had to break in my new hair.  It does make swimming easier anyway (detangling was a nightmare before), so I’m happy.  <3  Woot.

8 thoughts on “New Hair

  1. I think it looks adorable! It only up to you and M to decide how you wear it. I’m always getting shit from my mom because I wear my hair long (it grows really slowly) and she thinks I’m “too old for long hair.” Who made that rule?

    Anyway, I love your hair like this. I saw the pic before I read and I thought. “She looks all glow-y.” Well no wonder. After sex face! 😀

    1. Thanks @P’Gell When I first started dating Master, I met one of his friends who was telling me that “anyone over the age of 12 looks absolutely ridiculous with long hair.” Screw that. My hair is long most of the time. AND, it was nearly to my waist at that point. Frustrating. My Mom is one of those who always gives me crap for not wearing my hair down. I can’t stand hair in my face though. Grr. >.<

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