A Rope Around My Neck


It wasn’t until recently that we started experimenting with rope around the neck. As a quick disclaimer. Don’t put rope around the neck. It is a bad idea. Blah blah blah. Actually. Don’t do anything I ever blog about ever, because this blog is full of bad ideas, and they can all result in injury, illness, or death. You shouldn’t do anything that you have no experience or information to back up, and you should always have some kind of safety net in place. But for reals, don’t do anything in my blog, and especially not in this blog post. No joke. If you screw up and get hurt or hurt someone, I take NO RESPONSIBILITY!

::throat clearing::

Anyway, this post isn’t about how putting a rope around the neck can go wrong. It’s not about how to do it either. It involves no risks (though there are plenty), it involves no safety instruction. These are just my thoughts on the experience I had.

Master Pravus and me never had any kind of instruction whatsoever on putting rope around the neck and we had always heard that it’s something you just don’t do with epileptics, anyway. Not to be deterred, we went to a recent rope class, and learned a new tie which involves rope going tightly in front of the neck. The rope involved is very, very thin (paracord), and I honestly found the only really restricting part of the whole thing to be the rope going around my neck.

Part of the problem is that I’m very flexible, and so, when you use a super thin rope, my joints just sort of flop out of the tie a little bit, unless I hold them in place, or unless you use thicker rope. Master Pravus applies the tie tightly, but, my shoulders being as flexible as they are, a thin rope just doesn’t hold them in place when tied this way (though, more wraps, etc, would probably do the trick). It’s not that I can get out either, (because I can’t) my natural flexibility just makes the whole thing a bit looser. Loose ligaments, you know.

What is so fun and desirable for me though, is this desperate control you have to have over your breathing. In this position you’ve got to pay full attention to each breath in and each breath out. Squirming makes the ropes tighter, and tighter ropes make it more difficult to breathe, so, squirming doesn’t really benefit you. (But, I enjoy bondage so much that I’m not the type who generally tries to escape, unless Master Pravus is telling me to, to check that his tie is actually inescapable, which he will do periodically.)

When I have a rope in front of my neck, I feel stressed. It’s a little scary because it isn’t like having a hand over my nose and mouth, giving me breaths now and then when I’ve had enough. Master Pravus hasn’t had to cut a rope either for this purpose, but he wouldn’t hesitate if he thought that was what was needed. Still, it’s a little scary. I like fear a lot though, so it works for me. Master Pravus likes to scare me, so it works for him.

One thing I do sort of fantasize about though – is using a thicker rope for the entire tie. That way my ligaments would be tied tightly enough that things would be less loose, and there would also be more pressure on my neck.

::Blissful sigh::

I look forward to experimenting with rope and my neck with Master Pravus more. =^^= It is always fun going where he leads me.

*Note:  The picture is an old one, from our Vegas trip, because it’s pretty rare that Master Pravus will take a picture of the same tie twice, unless there’s something else going on, and while we’ve enjoyed this tie more than once, he really hasn’t taken any new pics of it, and I wanted to show you the tie I was talking about specifically.  <3

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