Sick Days


Gonna take a couple days off from blogging because I have a sinus infection and just want to curl up in a hole for a while.  I’m okay though.  Blog will resume in a few days.  In the meantime, here’s a picture from the way-back machine.  Master Pravus took me to Castle Island back when we first started dating.  You’ll notice I didn’t have a collar.  This was from before I had a “real” collar of any kind.  But, I was wearing a giant jingle bell on my neck.  And, I was being very silly and “frightening” the camera man..  Who happened to be Master Pravus.  You never know with those scary li-girls.

Oh, and yes, I was in a bathing suit because Castle Island has a beach and we were on our way to go play there.  Fun!  <3

2 thoughts on “Sick Days

    1. @Winsome Kitten OMG, we have this one bell, that Master rarely puts on me, but it is 2.5″ in diameter. That thing is HUGE. We modded it out of an old xmas ornament. I love the jingling, but it is too big to be comfortable to wear on a frequent basis. It’s more for play time now and then.

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