Cigarette Mindfuck

ash tray

“Kitty, please get me a cigarette from your work computer, and an ashtray.”

“Yes, Master!”

“On second thought, no ash tray.”  He grinned.  I smiled too.

This would be my second time serving as an ashtray and I was excited to do it.  It was with a cigarette instead of a cigar this time and I was a little nervous about it for some reason.  I wondered if they would burn differently, or if one would feel hotter than the other.  Master Pravus had me get a blanket and meet him out on the porch.  It was dark out, but warm (about 85 degrees, and steady), so it was nice (no sun outside makes all the difference between what heat I can tolerate).

Master Pravus reached over and he got his phone.  He put on a playlist which had Skyrim and Oblivion music.  Ha.  Nice.  I wasn’t expecting that because it’s not usually his first choice in music.  And it took him a couple of minutes, but eventually he got enough ash (smoking casually) that he needed his ashtray to flick it into.  I panicked a bit, and my knees jumped and my hands twitched just slightly.  It was much hotter than the cigar had been previously because I got some of the coals on my hand, instead of just the hot ash.

“I expect you to be more still next time, Kitty.”  Master Pravus told me.  I nodded.

We chatted idly about random things, and then he needed to flick his ash again.  I stayed still.

“If you think you’re going to flinch, close your eyes.”  He told me.  I closed my eyes.  I moved the tiniest bit, but I did flinch.

We tried it again a few minutes later, and I was able to hold the ash without moving at all.  I was very proud of myself, but I think Master Pravus was even more proud of me.  After a few minutes he was getting down to the last of his cigarette, and he mentioned that he would need his ash tray to put it out for him.  I was nervous because I had not been the vessel for his putting any burning thing out yet.

I started to panic internally.

“Do you want me to put the cigarette out in your hands, Kitty?”  Master asked.

“Kitty will be very good!”  I said.  (I tend to talk in third person when I hit subspace.)

“Okay.”  Master Pravus got a huge grin on his face, and he bent over and poured a tiny bit of water in my hands, and then lightly put the cigarette out in the water.  I felt relieved and silly.  It was such a mindfuck for me, because I had really thought he was going to do something completely different.  Still, it was very awesome.  We just bought a book on cigar play and burns, etc.  Here’s to reading it, and maybe someday I will get to put his cigar/cigarette out the “other” way.

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